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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cable Q&A 



Billing Questions


Q: Who do I contact at Hotwire for billing questions?

A: For billing questions, please contact Hotwire directly.  Their contact information is contained within the Hotwire app you should have installed.  There is a chat as well as a phone number, 800-355-5668.  Additionally, you should be able to view your bill there. 


Basic internet and TV services are included in your HOA fees.  Beyond that, the contract is between you and Hotwire. 

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Equipment - Hotwire

Q: How many set top boxes will be provided?

A: Three (3) 4K HD compatible boxes are included in the Rosedale Bulk Package.


Q: If a set-top box or router fails, how is it replaced and who pays for that?


A: Any faulty Hotwire equipment will be replaced with an in-home technician visit at no cost.


Q: Do the set-top boxes support coax connections out for my older TV’s?

A: Hotwire’s fision TV+ does not support a coax output connection. There are 3rd-party solutions available should you need them.  Specific requirements and solutions will be addressed by Hotwire as part of White Glove Service pre-install survey or day of installation.

QWill Hotwire connect all my set top boxes via ethernet, coax or wireless?  What inputs/outputs are available and what are the dimensions of the 3 set top boxes?  

A: Hotwire will supply and install up to 3 RF and Voice controlled fision TV+ set-top boxes as part of our contract at no charge.  The RF capability means that you do not need a "line of sight" to control the box allowing you to hid it in a cabinet or attach it directly to the back of a TV.  These are compatible with a wireless (no need for cable to connect to the network) or wired ethernet connection input to the Hotwire network and each box will be installed based upon the best use available on a case by case basis along with each homeowner’s preference to the extent possible.  Click here to view a specification sheet for the current Fision TV+ set-top -box.

Q: If I choose to add an extender after the initial install, can I build out using standard eero extenders or do I need to procure these through Hotwire?

A: The provided eero Pro 6 is compatible with all other eero devices and third party purchased eero devices can be used with the Hotwire provided eero Pro 6

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Extending the Range of Your Network

Q: How do I extend the range of my network to reach my entire house?

AInstead of paying Hotwire for a second router to extend the range of your network, you might consider a lower cost, one-time purchase of a network extender for between $45 and $55.  Here are a few of the most highly rated brands. Prices are current sale prices and subject to change.


Range XTD Network Extender $54.99


ExtendTecc Network Extender   $44.96

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Fees - Hotwire

Q: What will be the fees for Hotwire be and what does "bulk service" mean?

AHere is how your cable and internet service contracts are structured.  There are two separate contracts.

Bulk Service  This is negotiated by the MHOA with the service provider, namely, Hotwire, and includes basic internet [500 Mbps download and upload] and a standard TV channel line-up, which includes all the “normal” channels.  This is paid for by the MHOA through the annual fees it receives from homeowners.  Homeowners do not pay anything additional for this.

Retail Services   Additional services selected by each homeowner in accordance with their personal needs and can include an extra set top box, higher speed internet, premium channels, and the like.  This fee structure is not negotiated by the MHOA but is rather determined by Hotwire according to their marketing and other planning.  Homeowners receive a monthly bill for these services.  Note that most homeowners will likely experience a decrease in retail fees under Hotwire.  Several of the more desirable retail services provided by Spectrum are included in the Bulk [i.e., free] services of Hotwire.

Click here to view the Fee Schedule of additional Retail Services.

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General Questions

Q: Why was Hotwire chosen over Spectrum?

A: Some folks are wondering why we chose Hot Wire over Spectrum, the incumbent.  Hot Wire offered us a newer, faster technology that would take us well into the future.  We felt it was a superior offer.  Notwithstanding, given that Spectrum was generally popular and the incumbent, we decided to go with Spectrum with a slightly older technology. We were ready to sign a contract with them when, at the last moment, they pulled the deal off the table that we had been negotiating for months, leaving us hanging.


We went back to the Hotwire offer with its superior technology and they made numerous concessions to us in our final negotiations to put together a very much improved service package to our present Spectrum system.  How will the change affect you internet service?  Currently we are downloading at 100 mbps per and uploading at 10 mbps.  The new Hotwire system will upload and download at 500 mbps, an increase in speed of 5 times download and 50 times upload.

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Equipment - Howire
General Questions
Service - Hotwire

Service - Hotwire

Q: What is the channel line-up for TV provided with the base bulk package?


A: Hotwire’s Digital Favorites channel lineup is included in the Rosedale Bulk Package. Click here to view the channel lineup to be provided by Hotwire.

Q: What options for premium services do I have e.g expanded channel line-up, HBO, Showtime, etc?


A: Hotwire offers several upgrade options to the Bulk channel package including premium networks including HBO and Showtime, sports networks and season packages, as well as many international networks.  Click here to see the channels offered.

Q: Will I need an app to stream to my outdoor TV’s and some inside TV’s.

A: We have negotiated for the inclusion of 3 set-top-boxes vs. the current 2 with Spectrum to help mitigate this issue.  These devices are wireless in nature and do not need to be connected to your network with cable. The boxes use Radio Frequency (RF) vs InfraRed (IR) and do not need to be line-of-site to communicate with the voice command capable clicker; and are small enough to easily mounted out of sight in a cabinet or behind your TV .  The specifications for these devices can be found here:

To stream content to a smart TV or additional devices e.g. Roku, you can stream content services such as Paramount+, ESPN, Amazon Prime, PBS etc. through ROKU or comparable devices.

Q: I understand that the Hotwire service includes one eero 6 pro router.  If I have dead spots in my house, will Hotwire provide eero extenders free of charge?

A: No.  You can purchase a Wi-Fi extender very inexpensively to extend the range of your network. to view information on Wi-Fi extenders, click here.

Q: I have multiple Smart Devices in my home connected to my Wi-Fi network.  Will I have to reconfigure all of my devices to connect to a new network?


A: The eero Pro 6 can be set to use your old Network name and password and all of your devices will automatically reconnect.

QDoes Hotwire have a Seasonal Suspension Policy for upgraded services and/or additional leased equipment.


A: Yes, the details of this policy will be shared on the Rosedale Installation Site expected for release in Mid-May.

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QDoes Hotwire offer 24x7 Technical Support

A: Yes, Hotwire offers 24x7 technical support.  Call 800--355-5668, email  or go on-line to for Technical Support.


QHow is support provided, e.g. call center, chat, etc.?

A: Hotwire support is available via phone, website chat and email. To ensure quality and accountability, Hotwire Communications dedicates the same technicians to your community, allowing them to become experts in serving the unique needs of your property. Technicians are available after hours and on weekends.

Q: What type of turnaround time can I expect if I am experiencing a technical issue and need a service call?

A: Based upon technician availability during the Hotwire Launch Phase and severity of the issue, a technician service call may be available as quickly as same day.

Q: Am I charged for support or service calls?

A: There will be no service charges for support and any Hotwire equipment or service issues during the initial Hotwire Launch Phase. Once concluded, our standard service call terms apply which may result in a charge for non-Hotwire equipment and/or service specific issues.


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Q: Why is Hotwire be a better solution for me?

A: Here is why Hotwire is a better value:

1. Hotwire is a Long-Term Technology and Service Provider Focused on Our Community.

2.  Hotwire is providing Leading-Edge and Futureproof Investment in Critical Infrastructure.

3.  Higher Speeds for Today With Ability to Grow as Needs Change

4.  World-Class Wi-Fi technology to support increased streaming demands, commercial television and land-line services that is “Mesh Ready” to support your Smart Home

5.  Upgraded Television Streaming and DVR Capabilities

6.  Whole House DVR included in our base agreement

7.  Includes 3 Up-to-date “set-top-boxes” that are wireless and do not need to be connected to your network with cables, Radio Frequency, (RF) vs InfraRed (IR) clicker with voice command that doesn't need to be lin-of-sight with the box, all a diminutive package easily mounted in a cabinet or behind your TV and out of sight.

6.  Extensive channel Line-Up included with optional upgrades for additional channels and premium services

7.  Land-Line Telephone Service with Nation-wide Long-Distance including Canada

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Resetting a Hung Cable Box

Q: How do I reset a hung (not functioning) Hotwire Cable Box?

A: Click here for to go to the Getting Your Cable TV Service Re-established Page for instructions on how to reset your cable box.

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