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Q: How can I view all of the Cablegrams that have been emailed to the community?

A: Cablegrams can be viewed from the Cable Page on the Website.


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Equipment - Spectrum

Q: Does the account holder have to ensure equipment is returned to Spectrum, and if so, do they need to be present to do so?

A: It is recommended that the account owner return all Equipment they have on their account.  This is to assure that the account does not fall into an unreturned equipment status.  If an account falls into an unreturned equipment  status, it’s a charge against the owner.  Returns can be made at the Spectrum retail center on SR64 (5413 E State Rd 64, Bradenton, FL 34208).  You may have a caretaker return equipment on your behalf. See this link for other options.


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Equipment - Hotwire

Q: How many set top boxes will be provided?

A: Three (3) 4K HD compatible boxes are included in the Rosedale Bulk Package.


Q: If a set-top box or router fails, how is it replaced and who pays for that?


A: Any faulty Hotwire equipment will be replaced with an in-home technician visit at no cost.


Q: Do the set-top boxes support coax connections out for my older TV’s?

A: Hotwire’s fision TV+ does not support a coax output connection. There are 3rd-party solutions available should you need them.  Specific requirements and solutions will be addressed by Hotwire as part of White Glove Service pre-install survey or day of installation.

QWill Hotwire connect all my set top boxes via ethernet, coax or wireless?  What inputs/outputs are available and what are the dimensions of the 3 set top boxes?  

A: Hotwire will supply and install up to 3 RF and Voice controlled fision TV+ set-top boxes as part of our contract at no charge.  The RF capability means that you do not need a "line of sight" to control the box allowing you to hid it in a cabinet or attach it directly to the back of a TV.  These are compatible with a wireless (no need for cable to connect to the network) or wired ethernet connection input to the Hotwire network and each box will be installed based upon the best use available on a case by case basis along with each homeowner’s preference to the extent possible.  Click here to view a specification sheet for the current Fision TV+ set-top -box.

Q: If I choose to add an extender after the initial install, can I build out using standard eero extenders or do I need to procure these through Hotwire?

A: The provided eero Pro 6 is compatible with all other eero devices and third party purchased eero devices can be used with the Hotwire provided eero Pro 6

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Fees - Spectrum

Q: What will be the fees for continuation of service with Spectrum and/or the retention of equipment beyond the end of the Bulk Agreement?

A: Access to that information is not available at this time.  Spectrum is expected to provide guidance as to any options in a mailing to account owners 30-60 days prior to the termination of the bulk agreement..

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Fees - Hotwire

Q: What will be the fees for Hotwire be and what does "bulk service" mean?

AHere is how your cable and internet service contracts are structured.  There are two separate contracts.

Bulk Service  This is negotiated by the MHOA with the service provider, namely, Hotwire, and includes basic internet [500 Mbps download and upload] and a standard TV channel line-up, which includes all the “normal” channels.  This is paid for by the MHOA through the annual fees it receives from homeowners.  Homeowners do not pay anything additional for this.

Retail Services   Additional services selected by each homeowner in accordance with their personal needs and can include an extra set top box, higher speed internet, premium channels, and the like.  This fee structure is not negotiated by the MHOA but is rather determined by Hotwire according to their marketing and other planning.  Homeowners receive a monthly bill for these services.  Note that most homeowners will likely experience a decrease in retail fees under Hotwire.  Several of the more desirable retail services provided by Spectrum are included in the Bulk [i.e., free] services of Hotwire.

Click here to view the Fee Schedule of additional Retail Services.

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General Questions

Q: Why was Hotwire chosen over Spectrum?

A: Some folks are wondering why we chose Hot Wire over Spectrum, the incumbent.  Hot Wire offered us a newer, faster technology that would take us well into the future.  We felt it was a superior offer.  Notwithstanding, given that Spectrum was generally popular and the incumbent, we decided to go with Spectrum with a slightly older technology. We were ready to sign a contract with them when, at the last moment, they pulled the deal off the table that we had been negotiating for months, leaving us hanging.


We went back to the Hotwire offer with its superior technology and they made numerous concessions to us in our final negotiations to put together a very much improved service package to our present Spectrum system.  How will the change affect you internet service?  Currently we are downloading at 100 mbps per and uploading at 10 mbps.  The new Hotwire system will upload and download at 500 mbps, an increase in speed of 5 times download and 50 times upload.

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Q: Will Hotwire need to dig up areas in the community for installation?

A: Yes, Hotwire will be doing in ground work requiring digging to run the fiber optics throughout the community.   All areas affecting by Hotwire work will be restored to the original condition.  Any damage as a result of Hotwire work should be reported to Hotwire immediately for repair.  (Contact Hotwire Launch Department at 239-217-3262).    

Q: Will Hotwire need to dig up portions of my lawn/gardens for installation?

A: Some folks are concerned that the change will cause disruption and unnecessary digging up of their yards. Modern cable trenching machines slice a narrow cut in the soil and lay cable underground without disturbing the grass. There is no digging or lawn repair necessary as the cut comes back together to be virtually undetectable. They even have tools for running wire under sidewalks and driveways without cutting or disturbing them.

QWill Hotwire restore any such trenches to their original condition, e.g sod/plantings?

A: Yes, all areas affecting by Hotwire work will be restored to the original condition.  Any damage as a result of Hotwire work should be reported to Hotwire immediately for repair.  (Contact Hotwire Launch Department at 239-217-3262).

QWill Hotwire be responsible for any repairs to sprinkler systems or other infrastructure e.g. low-voltage lighting, etc should they cause an issue?

A: Yes, All areas affecting by Hotwire work will be restored to the original condition.  Any damage as a result of Hotwire work should be reported to Hotwire immediately for repair.  (Contact Hotwire Launch Department at 239-217-3262).

Q: Will I be able to request where the external termination point for the connection will be on my home?

A: The exterior connection point for the fiber optics to the home will pre-arranged prior to the start of primary construction and not decided on an individual basis. The location of the fiber inside the home will be decided in conjunction with the homeowner at final installation.

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Installation - Snowbirds

Q: How will the actual installation take place in your home?  If I am a snowbird?

A: By appointment, a Hotwire installer will come to your home and make the installation for whatever number of TVs and other devices you may have.  The cutover will be more complicated for snowbirds, who might not be around when it is time to install.  We will be working out the details shortly, but Hotwire have been through this exact circumstance thousands of times in the past.  We think they will either [up to the homeowner] have a friend open your house to let them in to do their magic; or will wait until, say, October, November, December or even January, when you return to come in and set it up.  We know there will be complexities, but we will work them through and keep you informed.  Bear with us for a bit on this, but rest assured that Hotwire will not likely see anything here they haven’t encountered in the past.


Q: Do I need to be present for the final Hotwire Installation of services?  If I am not available for several months during the summer (Snowbird) install period, how can I get Hotwire installed in my home?

A: Yes, you or representative 18+ need to be present for the final installation in your home.  All steps up to final install can be done remotely. Homeowners will be able to learn about Hotwire and the process, establish their account and service choices and schedule their final install without the need to be present locally. There is no deadline or additional cost from Hotwire if that takes place at a later date.  As to how this impacts your Spectrum services and account, please see the information provided by your HOA and Spectrum in 3Q, 2022

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Q: Do I need new wiring for Wi-Fi? If so, who pays for that and where does it go?

A: Each resident will receive 1 eero Pro 6, (router)  for Wi-Fi services which will be installed with an ethernet connection. If needed Hotwire will run this line at no cost to the best use location available on a case by case basis along with each homeowner’s preference (when applicable).

Q: Can I utilize my Cat5 wiring already in place to support the set top boxes or other devices I would like hardwired such as an Xbox?

A: Hotwire will install one Cat6 wire capable of 1Gbps bandwidth to the newly installed router if required.  In most cases existing ethernet lines, e.g. Cat 5/6 can connected to your new Hotwire services. Additional customer purchased third party equipment may be required. 

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Q: If I have a Landline with Spectrum (voice over IP), will the number be released at the time the contract expires?

A: No, the actual number will be released only upon request of the account holder if and when services are migrated to another carrier OR when the actual Spectrum account is closed by the homeowner.

Q: Can I keep my existing phone number (Landline)?  How will that be managed?


A: Yes, existing home phone numbers can be transferred to Hotwire. When the time comes your Residential Service Specialist will provide instructions on how to keep your number. A copy of your current provider bill and PIN number will be required at that time.

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Mobile Phone

Q: Will current Spectrum Mobile customers be able to continue their services after the agreement expires?


A: Yes Existing customers are currently provided an option to retain service with limitations and at an additionaal cost.  See this posting:  Https://   If you choose to move to another provider you may find this post helpful.


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Next Step

Q: When will we have more details regarding the rollout plan and an opportunity to speak with Hotwire directly?


A: The Cable team along with Hotwire are working to schedule a Town Hall at Rosedale in late May.  At that time, you will have a chance to see just how Hotwire will service our community and have the opportunity to ask further questions.  Additionally, the Hotwire Launch site for Rosedale will be announced at that time.  It is through this site that you can expect to have a continued dialogue with Hotwire including services offered, installation timelines, scheduling White Glove consultations and installations. 


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Q: How will Homeowners be notified by Spectrum of their options for continuation of service, equipment returns, associated costs, etc.?


A: Within 30-60 days prior to the termination of the current agreement, (De-Bulking), Spectrum account owners will be notified of the termination of the current Bulk agreement and any options they may have including where to obtain more information as to any associated costs for continuation of service and/or retention of equipment after the Bulk agreement expires.

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Reporting Hotwire Construction Damage

Q: How do I report Hotwire Construction Damage?


A: To report any damage as a result of Hotwire construction, please contact Hotwire ASAP via our Launch department at 239-217-3262 or email at

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Service - Spectrum

Q: Do I have an option to use Spectrum services at a retail level?

A: Spectrum maintains ownership of its Infrastructure and can service homeowners on a retail basis.  The Rosedale HOA/Cable Committee has no involvement in the retail relationship/contract between Spectrum and any potential customer.  Spectrum has stated that each current account holder will be informed within 30-60 days of termination what options are available.  If you wish to obtain current pricing for a baseline purposes, we encourage you to contact Spectrum directly.

Q: Will my Spectrum email address be deleted when service with Spectrum ends?

A: Yes, any email address associated with your Spectrum account, e.g.,, & etc. will be deleted and cease to exist once you close your account with Spectrum.  You are encouraged to move to another provider over the course of the next several months and prior to 10/1/2022 unless you intend to retain Spectrum for Retail services outside of the Bulk agreement with Hotwire.  This link can help you in making your decision to move to a new provider and also discusses potentiaal options to migrate existing emails.

If you plan to move your Spectrum account, it is strongly recommended that you contact Spectrum technical support for their recommendation on the best way to back-up your emails and contacts on your home computer and move to the new email provider.


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Service - Hotwire

Q: What services will Hotwire provide?

A: Each resident with receive Hotwire television and internet/Wi-Fi services through the Rosedale Bulk Package. In addition, Hotwire offers home phone and home security services a la carte.

Q: What is the channel line-up for TV provided with the base bulk package?


A: Hotwire’s Digital Favorites channel lineup is included in the Rosedale Bulk Package. Click here to view the channel lineup to be provided by Hotwire.

Q: What options for premium services do I have e.g expanded channel line-up, HBO, Showtime, etc?


A: Hotwire offers several upgrade options to the Bulk channel package including premium networks including HBO and Showtime, sports networks and season packages, as well as many international networks.  Click here to see the channels offered.

Q: I use the Spectrum app today for my outdoor TV’s and some inside TV’s. Does Hotwire have a similar integrated app for TV content that can run on these or other devices?  If so, does it run on Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV’s?

A: Hotwire’s current streaming app does not work on Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV or Fire Stick. It is currently available on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.  We have negotiated for the inclusion of 3 set-top-boxes vs. the current 2 with Spectrum to help mitigate this issue.  These devices are wireless in nature and do not need to be connected to your network with cable. The boxes use Radio Frequency (RF) vs InfraRed (IR) and do not need to be line-of-site to communicate with the voice command capable clicker; and are small enough to easily mounted out of sight in a cabinet or behind your TV .  The specifications for these devices can be found here:

To stream content to a smart TV or additional devices e.g. Roku, you currently have 3 options: 

1.  You can use Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast to stream the fision TV app from a compatible device, e.g. phone tablet to your compatible TV or streaming stick.   

2.  Using Hotwire credentials, you can directly stream many channels on your TV using ROKU or comparable divices.

3. You can stream content services such as Paramount+, ESPN, Amazon Prime, PBS etc. through ROKU or comparable devices.

More details will be provided in the coming month(s).

Q: I use a free security suite on my PC from Spectrum.  Does Hotwire have a similar free offering?  Is it PC and/or MAC Compatible?

A: The eero Pro 6 provides 24/7 monitoring and an upgraded eero Secure option is available. These capabilities will be fully explained during your pre-install consultation with Hotwire as part of the White Glove service being provided to Rosedale residents so that you can make informed decisions. Hotwire will also make available AVG Antivirus Free for residents.

Q: I understand that the Hotwire service includes an eero 6 pro router.  If I have dead spots in my house, will Hotwire provide eero extenders free of charge?

A: Additional eero Pro 6 routers can be rented for additional coverage.

QI’m happy with my current router and network set-up.  Do I have to use the eero device provided by Hotwire or can I continue to use my own?

A: Any third party router or Wi-Fi system can be used with your new Hotwire internet connection as long as it is not a modem/router combo device or just an access point system. In the case of an access point system, the included eero Pro 6 may still be needed to provide and manage IP addresses on your network.

Q: I have multiple Smart Devices in my home connected to my Wi-Fi network.  Will I have to reconfigure all of my devices to connect to a new network?


A: The eero Pro 6 can be set to use your old Network name and password and all of your devices will automatically reconnect.


Q: I have multiple Smart Devices in my home and multiple named networks.  Will I have to update all of my devices to connect to a new network name or can Hotwire configure the eero to use my old Network name and credentials?


A: The eero Pro 6 uses a single network SSID and password. This can be set to the credentials of your choosing, however if there are currently multiple networks with different credentials some reconnections to the new eero will be needed. These capabilities will be fully explained during your pre-install consultation with Hotwire as part of the White Glove service being provided to Rosedale residents so that you can make informed decisions. General information re: eero 6 pro can be found here.

Q: Will I have a DVR as part of my Bulk Service?


A: Yes, we have negotiated a whole-house DVR starter package as part of the Bulk agreement with 3 set-top boxes included.  Hotwire will provide 200 hours of whole-house DVR at no charge as part of the base package.  

QWill Hotwire Services be in place in all homes prior to the Spectrum agreement terminating?


A: Our current plan is to have all Hotwire services up and running prior to October 1st in each home.  This is however dependent on many factors including the level of participation by the homeowner.  If there is a delay in service as a result of Hotwire not being able to fulfill their obligations, we do have a contingency plan in place for affected homeowners. 

QDoes Hotwire have a Seasonal Suspension Policy for upgraded services and/or additional leased equipment.


A: Yes, the details of this policy will be shared on the Rosedale Installation Site expected for release in Mid-May.

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Q: How fast is the Wi-Fi going go to be?

A: The Rosedale Bulk Package internet service with Wi-Fi includes speeds up to 500MBPS download and 500MBPS upload.

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QDoes Hotwire offer 24x7 Technical Support

A: Yes, Hotwire offers 24x7 technical support.


QHow is support provided, e.g. call center, chat, etc.?

A: Hotwire support is available via phone, website chat and email.

Q: What type of turnaround time can I expect if I am experiencing a technical issue and need a service call?

A: Based upon technician availability during the Hotwire Launch Phase and severity of the issue, a technician service call may be available as quickly as same day.

Q: Am I charged for support or service calls?

A: There will be no service charges for support and any Hotwire equipment or service issues during the initial Hotwire Launch Phase. Once concluded, our standard service call terms apply which may result in a charge for non-Hotwire equipment and/or service specific issues.


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Q: When will the Bulk agreement end with Spectrum?

A: 9/30/2022

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Q: Why will Hotwire be a better solution for me?

A: Here is why Hotwire is a better value:

1. Hotwire is a Long-Term Technology and Service Provider Focused on Our Community.

2.  Hotwire is providing Leading-Edge and Futureproof Investment in Critical Infrastructure.

3.  Higher Speeds for Today With Ability to Grow as Needs Change

4.  World-Class Wi-Fi technology to support increased streaming demands, commercial television and land-line services that is “Mesh Ready” to support your Smart Home

5.  Upgraded Television Streaming and DVR Capabilities

6.  Whole House DVR included in our base agreement

7.  Includes 3 Up-to-date “set-top-boxes” that are wireless and do not need to be connected to your network with cables, Radio Frequency, (RF) vs InfraRed (IR) clicker with voice command that doesn't need to be lin-of-sight with the box, all a diminutive package easily mounted in a cabinet or behind your TV and out of sight.

6.  Extensive channel Line-Up included with optional upgrades for additional channels and premium services

7.  Land-Line Telephone Service with Nation-wide Long-Distance including Canada

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White Glove Service

Q: What is White Glove Service and Why do I care?

AWhite Glove Service is designed to ensure your satisfaction with the Hotwire Service and Platform. 

•  Each resident will have a one-on-one consultation with a Residential Service Specialist to address all of your Hotwire, service and account related questions. This is up to a 1 hour appointment available in-person or over the phone.

•. The day of your Hotwire service installation our technician team will provide each resident with a home walk-through to review and discuss the installation process, pre-selected services (done during consultation) and tailor it to each individual home. Upon completion, the technician will confirm your new Hotwire services with you as well as provide a high level overview of each.

•  Once your Hotwire services are installed all residents may schedule an in-home, one-on-one fision Education appointment. This is a 1 hour in person appointment with a specialist who with review, demonstrate and educate you on the use and feature of Hotwire services.

Q: I have many more questions to ensure that I have a safe, secure and optimal setup in my home. How can I consult with a Hotwire expert? 

A: The Rosedale launch site, (ETA late May) will provide a direct link between you and Hotwire.  Most importantly, starting several weeks before your scheduled installation, Hotwire will be meeting for approximately 1 hour with each Account Owner to ensure the optimal setup for their specific needs.  White Glove consultation in conjunction with a professional technician managing your install will help to ensure you have the highest quality service to meet your needs.  Additional details will follow in the coming weeks/months. 


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