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Landscape Committee

Landscape and Irrigation

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Current Committee Co-Chairs

Connie Callison




Landscape - The Landscape  Committee is charged with the maintenance, repair, upgrades and, when necessary, the replant, of all common areas throughout Rosedale. These include but are not limited to the State Route 70 and 44th Avenue East entrances and exits, islands, designated green areas, parks and traffic circles. The Landscape Committee oversees the Rosedale community’s relationship with landscaping contractors and other professionals.


Irrigation - The Committee is also responsible to ensure that irrigation infrastructure and sources of water properly are maintained, operated and upgraded.




Landscape - Committee members will typically be assigned an area comprising several landscaped common areas. The members will regularly inspect their assigned common grounds and gather recommendations on the best approaches to maintenance, repairs, and improvements. They may use industry experts, independent contractors, or properly licensed/insured qualified individuals to guide them.

Irrigation - Committee members will define and determine the location of all irrigation infrastructure, which includes the location of all main water lines, valves, all irrigation feeds, irrigation heads, timers, and sources of power for driving the irrigation infrastructure. While proceeding with this large task, the members of the committee will regularly inspect the grounds and identify equipment requiring repair or other management. The committee will likely need and use industry experts, independent contractors, or properly licensed/insured qualified individuals to guide them. However, they may not expend any funds on that guidance unless the Board specifically authorizes them to do so.

The Chair of the Landscape Committee and its Board liaison meet as needed with the property manager and landscape contractor(s) for a walk through of the Association common grounds. The committee also monitors the landscaping company to ensure they are doing all that their contract requires.

Working with the Board Treasurer, each year the committee will define a budget amount adequate for its anticipated and unanticipated activities.


Nothing in the committee charters prevents the Board from exercising its statutory duty to maintain, repair or replace the common property of the Association as the Board deems necessary.


Relationship to the Board

The Landscape Committee serves as advisors to the Board. The Committee chair will work in concert with the Board member named as the committee’s liaison. The committee will make written recommendations to the Board concerning changes to the community’s relationship with its Landscape and Internet service providers. The chair of the Landscape Committee and its board liaison will work with the property manager and the Board of Directors as needed.



Landscape Committee members shall be identified and appointed by the Board and serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Landscape Committee shall have no fewer than five members, but ideally will be about ten. Members ideally will come from all areas of Rosedale: Links, Legacy and Highlands. The Committee chair will be appointed by the Board.


Terms of Service

Members serve a one-year term and can be reappointed.

Committee Meetings

Because none of the committees has authority to spend money or undertake projects without Board approval, their meetings do not have to be posted. However, interested homeowners may contact the committee chair or the Board liaison to learn when its meetings will be held.


Committee Funding

Working with the Board Treasurer, each year each committee recommends a budget for its planned activities. In the event of an emergency requiring additional funding, the RMHA Board president or vice president can approve the necessary funds.



The committee shall deliver a report at regular Board meetings outlining current Landscape and Irrigation issues and concerns. The report shall be in writing and submitted to the Board for review five days prior to the Board meeting.

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