Home Safety Guidelines



(For Harassment, Break-ins And Burglaries)


Prepare Your Home

  • Always lock your car. 

  • Park your car in the garage at night.

  • Lock your lanai screen door. 

  • Leave a light on in the courtyard/side of the house overnight

  • Purchase an ARC approved  motion sensor light for your front entryway or side yard 

  • Purchase a home security system and use it!

  • Schedule a free crime prevention assessment of your home by the Sheriff’s Department (747-3011-2500)


Take These Steps When There is a Suspected Neighborhood Harassment, Break-In or Burglary to your Home or Automobile:


  • Call 911 immediately to arrange for a patrol deputy to respond.  Give your address first – they will know it is Rosedale.  If you use a land line, the address will pop up on the dispatcher’s screen, but they will ask for an address to confirm. Cell phones may not give the address to dispatch, so the address confirmation is essential. Record the date, time and description of what happened.  Ask for a case number

  • Email the RHC contact (Lynne Woodman: lynnewoodman1003@gmail.com ).   Inform her of your name, address and provide a description of what happened and at what time and if you are OK with the basic information being shared with the community.

  • The RHC will Inform residents via email and explain what happened, the street where it happened and when it happened

  • If you live in an HOA, inform your President what has happened.


Follow-Up On Your Reports

  • If you have not heard from the detective assigned to your case within two (2) weeks, call the Manatee Sheriff’s TRU (Telephone Reporting Unit) at 941-747-3011. 

  • Explain that you are following up on your incident and provide your case number. 

  • You will be transferred to the detective for an update on your case.

  • Communicate any follow-up information (arrest, etc.) to the RHC contact (Lynne Woodman) for distribution to the community.