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A homeowner selling their home in Rosedale could potentially need 3 different estoppels:


  1. Master HOA estoppel:  This is for all homes within Rosedale, as all are under the master association.  These estoppel requests are handled by Resource Property Management.

  2. Local HOA estoppel:  This would be for a home in one of the 14 local HOA’s within Rosedale.  Each local HOA has a board members identified to handle these estoppel requests.

  3. The Rosedale Golf & Country Club:  Rosedale Golf & CC is an independent business entity and has no financial ties to any Rosedale HOA. As many homeowners in Rosedale belong to the Rosedale Golf & CC as either a social or golf members, buyers might consider contacting them directly to inquire about any potential dues to be paid and request an estoppel.


To get an Estoppel letter from the Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, you can request one by using the form available to you on  Login or sign up and follow their directions. If you have questions, contact Resource Property Management at (941)348-2912.


If the home you are selling also belongs to a neighborhood HOA, you will also need an Estoppel letter from that neighborhood Homeowners Association.  Click on the .pdf link below to open the file to find the correct contact information for the neighborhood Homeowners Association.


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