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A Brief Guide to Rosedale’s

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)

This Brief Guide highlights some of the significant rules applicable to Rosedale homeowners as we are a deed-restricted community. Please take the time to become familiar with these rules and their implied expectations so that you can live in harmony with your neighbors.


The full Rosedale Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) document is the definitive source for guidance concerning these items, and others. Every homeowner received a copy of the CC&Rs as part of their property purchase. The document can be found on the Rosedale Website ( under the Governance tab or obtained from Resource Property Management (RPM).


Most items below refer to a specific section of the CC&Rs or additional Rosedale Master Homeowners Association (RMHA) Board rulings. Clarification of these rules by the RMHA Compliance Committee has also been included. The Use Restriction /Violation Fine Schedule adopted by the RMHA Board (found under the Compliance tab on the Website) lists the fines you may encounter if rules are violated. Questions about these rules can be addressed to the Compliance Committee by using the Contact Us form on the Website.


IMPORTANT: Most changes to the exterior of your property require completion of the Rosedale Master Homeowners Property Change Request form. This form plus descriptions of when a form is required can be found on the Rosedale Website under the Property Change Requests tab. Submit the form to your local HOA if you have one, and then RPM.

  • Animals (Article V, Sec. 18.)

No lot owner can have more than three common house pets. Pets outside the home must be kept on a leash at all times and may not be walked on the golf course. Pets should not be a nuisance to neighbors. You must promptly remove your pet’s solid waste and dispose of it properly. Do not throw your pet’s solid waste in the sewer, in a pond, or in another neighbor’s trash.


Electronic Pet-Enclosures are permitted with “conditions”. See the Property Change Requests tab on the Website for details. The Architectural Review Committee must approve any fence, permanent or invisible, and may apply restrictions.

  • Exterior light fixture maintenance (Article V, Sec. 23b. and 30)

Carriage lights, entry lighting and lamppost must match in color. Acceptable colors are bronze, white or black. You must maintain in good repair, or replace if necessary, all exterior light fixtures viewable from the street. Each fixture must have a working bulb of at least 75 watts incandescent (1100 lumens) or the manufacturer’s recommended maximum wattage. The only acceptable colors of bulbs are white or yellow. Lights must operate with a photocell that turns them on at or near dusk and off at or near dawn. All natural vegetation near these fixtures must be kept pruned so as not to obscure light emanating from these fixtures.


  • Feeding of birds/animals

Bird feeders are not permitted on your property to avoid attracting nuisance animals to your and your neighbor’s property. It is illegal to feed sandhill cranes [Florida Administrative Code 68A-4.001(6)}. In addition, placing food or garbage in such a manner that it attracts coyotes, foxes or raccoons is prohibited.


  • Garages (Article V, Sec. 4.)

All garages must have garage doors that are maintained in a useful, working condition and which are operated by electric door openers. Garage doors must be closed except when the garage is in use. Garage windows facing the street must have internal window treatments similar to other window treatments in the home.

  • Garbage, recycle material and yard waste (Article V, Sec. 21 and 22.)

All garbage and trash containers must be located and placed within totally enclosed or screened areas. Household trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday. Solid trash containers may be placed at the curb after 6 p.m. the evening before pick-up. Do not place garbage bags at the curb until the morning of pick-up to avoid scavenging by animals. All containers and any leftover refuse must be brought back to the interior or a shielded area by midnight on collection day. If waste material is outside of the container for any reason, the owner shall immediately clean up and dispose of all debris.


Recycled materials (paper, cardboard [flatten any boxes], cans, plastic, and glass bottles) are all placed in one cart provided by the County (see the detailed list of accepted recycling items on top of the cart and on the Website under the Overview tab, Manatee County). Place the cart at the end of your driveway within 3 feet of the street, with the lid closed and facing outward to the street. Yard waste may be placed in a 32-gallon can, in a 30-gallon trash bag, or tied in bundles no more than four feet long. Both recyclables and yard waste are picked up on Wednesday.

If a major holiday falls on a weekday, collection is delayed by one day for the rest of the week.

Plastic bags, Styrofoam, and egg cartons can be recycled at local grocery stores.

  • Golf course and golf club (Article X, Sec. 4.)

Golfers may enter your yard – on foot only - for the sole purpose of retrieving golf balls. The course is open only to golfers sanctioned by the pro shop. You may not walk, jog, bicycle, or exercise pets on the course at any time.


No golf cart can be on the golf course at any time unless the occupant(s) are golfing. The Club requires that no private cart is allowed on the course until it has been inspected and approved by Club staff. In addition, all golfers must check in with the Pro Shop before starting their round.

  • Home Maintenance (Article V, Sec. 23a.)

No fences are allowed on properties abutting ponds or golf course. No front yard fences are allowed, and they cannot interfere with “platted” swale. Fences must be black, flat topped with a 4’ maximum height (unless other is allowed by your HOA) starting at the back of the house.


You must maintain, repair, and replace your home and other improvements such as walls, fences, screen enclosures and driveways in substantially the same condition and appearance as when they were new. Any damage, deterioration or evidence of wear and tear on the exterior of any building must be repaired promptly by the owner. All Rosedale homeowners have the choice of bronze or white screened cages (repaint and replacement). Dirt, mold, fungus, etc., must be removed promptly from all exterior surfaces of the house: roof, cages, driveways, walkways, etc. Modifications/additions to house structure (including external painting) require prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

  • Hurricane shutters (Article V, Sec. 24.)

You may not deploy approved hurricane protection devices (HPDs) before a hurricane watch is issued for Manatee County, and they must be removed within ten (10) days after the storm passes. Approved HPDs that enclose the roof-covered portion of the lanai may remain installed during the hurricane season (June 1 through November 30) if the homeowner is away.

  • Landscaping (Article V, Sec. 22. and 23a.)

Your landscaping, trees, hedges, plants, lawns, and shrubs must be kept in a neat and trim condition at all times. The lawn shall be maintained so that it enhances the overall look of the neighborhood. All lawns and landscaping shall extend to the pavement line in front of any dwelling and to the normal water line for lots adjacent to ponds. All local HOAs and individual owners with ponds are responsible for mowing and maintenance of the grounds up to the pond. An underground sprinkler system must be installed and maintained in good working order on all landscaped lots. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep their yard free of dirt, debris, garbage, and similar materials. Landscaping redesign (except for replacing annuals) requires prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee.


Plants are to be non-invasive and Florida-Friendly when possible. No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain uncut or unmowed upon any lot, and no refuse pile or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed or remain anywhere therein. No artificial grass, plants and vegetation may be placed anywhere on the lot unless approved by your local HOA if you have one, and then the RMHA Architectural Review Committee.


Use of rock, stone, sand, shell, or hard surfaces is limited to no more than 20% of the front yard landscape area coverage without Master Architecture Review Committee approval.


No yard or tree clippings or ornamental plants are to be dumped into the conservation or wetland buffer areas adjacent to homes. Planting of ornamental and/or invasive plants in a conservation or wetland buffer area is not allowed. These are violations of Rosedale CC&R’s as well as Manatee County regulations.


Heating, ventilation, AC equipment, fans, generators, and pool equipment located outside the home should be screened from view on all public sides, which includes the view from the street and from windows on the sides of homes adjacent to it. The noted equipment should also be screened from view from the rear of the house if the house sits on a pond or if the rear faces another house. Screening shall be done with an approved fence, a painted stucco wall, or dense shrubs and be as tall as the equipment. An access point to the equipment is permitted. Each home with a screened pool must plant a hedge around the entire exterior of the enclosure.


Clotheslines are permitted but must not be visible from the street or common area. If there is no location on a lot that will permit such installation of clotheslines, then the clotheslines must be installed in the rear of the side yard and be shielded from public view by screening methods; this location must be approved by the Board.


  • Renting (Article V, Sec. 29.)

No home can be rented to a third party for a period less than 60 days. Owners must notify RPM of the beginning and ending of such periods.

  • Residential use only (Article V, Sec. 1.)

Lots are for single family residential use only and for no other purpose. You may have an office in your home if there is no appearance of business activity such as customer, vendor, pick-up or delivery traffic, etc.


  • Roofs (Article V, Sec. 21, 23, 27)

If you need to have a tarp placed on your roof when it is replaced or repaired, complete the form.


Your roof must be clean. It is recommended that roofs be professionally cleaned at least every two years or sooner depending on the color of the roof and weather conditions.


  • Signage, lawn ornaments, flags, and banners (Article V, Sec. 17.)

Signs, ornaments, and objects of any kind may not be displayed in public view on your lot or on any common area except for a security sign located within 10 feet of the home’s entrance. The Architectural Review Committee must approve any statuary, ornaments, new flagpoles not attached to the house, and other objects. . This does not pertain to small 3’X3’ garden type flags depicting welcome, garden scenes, butterflies, etc.


  • Sport and accessory equipment (Article V, Sec. 19.)

All fixed or portable game equipment, play structures, doghouse or other such equipment must be located at the rear of the house and must not be visible from the front. Play equipment is not to be left in front yards overnight.


  • Traffic regulation (Article VII, Sec. 2)

The speed limit on all Rosedale roads is 25 mph. All vehicles, including golf carts and bicycles, must come to a complete stop at all stop signs.Passing a moving car or truck is not permitted. Passing a golf cart at speeds less than 25 mph is permitted provided there is no oncoming traffic.


Only licensed and insured drivers are permitted to operate golf carts on Rosedale roads. Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to operate golf carts under any circumstances.


Operating a vehicle in a reckless manor, screeching tires, or creating unnecessary engine noise will constitute a violation, and the operator is subject to a fine, whether resident or guest.


Walkers and joggers are strongly encouraged to use sidewalks. If walking or jogging in the street, face traffic. Bicyclists should ride as close as possible to the right edge of the roadway. Those riding two or more abreast should single up and keep right when traffic approaches. Bicycles should not be used on sidewalks except in unusual circumstances.


Outside of Club sponsored activities, walking, jogging, biking, exercising, and dog walking are not allowed on the Golf Course or the Course paths at any time. The Malachite gate is for emergency use only.


The Access Committee monitors speeding in various locations around the community. They use calibrated radar devices to capture speeds and record license plate numbers of violators. The posted speed limit in Rosedale is 25 miles per hour. Speeds in excess of the speed limit are subject to fines and penalties. Those who have had their barcode/pass suspended may still enter Rosedale but only through the visitor gates. Vendors will be subject to the same rules and warned that ongoing violations could result in them being barred from the community.

  • Trees (Article V, Sec. 12.)

Removing a tree requires pre-approval by your local HOA if you have one and the RMHA Architectural Review Committee. For tree removal in a front yard, you need a copy of the Manatee County or certified arborist approval unless planted within six feet of a driveway. Make sure that you work within Manatee County guidelines for tree removal.


  • Vehicles (Article V, Sec. 15.)

Vehicles are to be parked on a paved driveway or inside a garage. No part of a vehicle parked in a driveway may extend on or over a sidewalk. No vehicle may be parked on the street between midnight and 6 a.m. except for driveway repair or those attending a home’s social function. When vehicles are parked on the street, they should park as near to the pavement’s edge as possible; not obstruct access to fire hydrants, driveways, or mailboxes; and not be opposite another vehicle. No commercial vehicles of the house owner (one with commercial lettering) may be parked in Rosedale unless they are inside the garage or hidden from public view. Boats, trailers, campers, vans, motor homes, motorcycles and recreational vehicles may only be parked while loading or unloading or kept in a garage or hidden from public view. No vehicle shall be parked on any of the community’s Common Grounds unless a vendor has prior approval to do so.


  • Instruction for Leasing

At the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Rosedale Master Association, the Rosedale Homeowners Association approved changes to the Master Association’s CC&Rs that stipulated restrictions and requirements for leasing one’s home.  The following is a summary these changes and a checklist for homeowners who are considering leasing their home.


If You Seek to Lease Your Home

  1. The Homeowner shall prepare and submit a Homeowner’s Leasing Application forms.  Click here to go to the Rules For Renting and Leasing Page under the Governance Tab for further explanation and to download the forms. 

  2. A copy of the Lease Agreement should be attached to this Homeowner Application when it is submitted.

  3. Homeowners are prohibited from entering a lease which has a period of less than sixty (60) consecutive days.

  4. Only the entire Unit may be leased. No room or portion of the property may be leased.

  5. Assessments - monies owed to the Association by the Homeowner - must be paid in full before the Homeowner Application may be submitted for consideration.

  6. Only the Homeowner is authorized to complete the Homeowner Application.

  7. No Unit may be used for any purpose other than as a single-family residence. Units may not be sub-leased at any time.

  8. Should a renter move into a Unit without the approval of the Association, the Association has the right to evict the renter(s)/guest(s) and the Unit Owner will be liable for all costs pertaining to the eviction process including attorney's fee.

  9. Immediate family members are not required to complete the rental application.

  10. The homeowner must provide the Resource Property Management [RPM] with the completed Lessee Application for Lease or Rent [shown in a separate document] of the proposed staring date.

  11. The documentation, fees and any deposit must be submitted to the RPM office at least ten (10) days prior to a renter taking occupancy.

  12. To allow time for processing, homeowners are encouraged to submit their rental applications thirty (30) days in advance.

  13. The MHOA is committed to approve the lease application in no more than thirty (30). Homeowners may request that their applications be expedited. If a homeowner requests to expedite, the MHOA will do its best to accommodate his or her need.  If the renter comes from outside the US, more time might be required.

  14. If you are a Unit Owner in Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., who has a Homestead Exemption for tax purposes, please note there are specific conditions on leasing your unit. Please refer to Florida Statue 196.061(1).

  15. The Rosedale Master Homeowners Association requires a non-refundable $100.00 application fee. A portion of the fee is applied to a background check for each individual named in the Lessee Application. If perspective renters are not US citizens, there may be additional charges for an international background check. The Lessee Applicant must contact Resource Property Management [RPM] for International Background fees.


Exceptions to the application fee rule are as follows:

a. Renters who have been previously approved and are returning to the same unit on an annual basis. However, a rental application is required each time.

b. Your check should be made payable to: Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc.

c. No application fee is required for children of the applicant(s) who are under the age of 18. Application processing will not begin until the application, a copy of lease and the $100 processing fee have all been received by Resource Property Management.

Please mail to:

Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc.

C/O Resource Property Managem

2025 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Suite 203
Bradenton, FL 34211


16.  The following paragraphs should be included in all lease agreements between Rosedale Homeowners and their tenants.


HOLD HARMLESS:  Tenants expressly release Landlord and Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., from any and all liability for any damages or injury to Tenants, or any other person, or to any property, occurring on the premises unless such damage is the direct result of the gross negligence or unlawful act of Landlord or Landlord’s agents.

RULES & REGULATIONS and BYLAWS: Tenants hereby agrees and acknowledges that Tenants have received and read the CC&Rs for Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. and Tenants hereby promise to abide by all provisions Rules and Regulations.

ASSOCIATION’S RIGHT TO DEMAND RENT: Pursuant to Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. is entitled to demand that Tenants pay rent directly to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., in the event Landlord (Unit Owner) is delinquent in paying any monetary obligation due to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. and Tenants agree to pay rent directly to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. upon demand in such event.

  • Sidewalks (Article VII, Section 3)

Homeowners may not paint or modify sidewalk in any way. The sidewalks are part of the HOA common grounds and are the responsibility of the Master HOA.




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