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Property Change Request Information

Rosedale is a “deed restricted community,” a development where the homeowners association (HOA) has restrictions in place that prohibit certain actions. These rules are established and enforced by Rosedale’s Master HOA to maintain our neighborhood’s appearance and to support property values.

One important element in the process of maintaining our community is the architectural review process, through which any changes to the outside appearance of homeowners’ property must be reviewed for consistency with our established standards.

For the protection of homeowners and Rosedale Residents, the Master ARC Committee recommends that homeowners use only licensed and insured contractors on all projects.


Residents are responsible for obtaining necessary Manatee County permits for modifications requiring permitting.


As a condition of an ARC approval, the property owner recognizes that he or she will bear the entire cost of removing any and all portions of the project that infringes or encroaches on a utilities/drainage easement or setback on the lot if removal is required.  The Master Association will not be responsible for any costs related to such removal.

All homeowners must complete and submit a Rosedale Homeowners Association Property Change Request (ARC) form  prior to making any changes to the exterior of their home. This includes landscaping changes, driveways, roofs, exterior paint, pools, pool cages, lawn ornaments (excluding holiday décor), tree removal, and the like. If you are uncertain whether you should complete an ARC Request, please contact your HOA ARC coordinator or Resource Property Management (RPM).

How this process is conducted depends on where you live. If you happen to live in a neighborhood with a neighborhood HOA, then there may be standards for your neighborhood that are stricter than those of the Master HOA.

Tree Removal and Replacement

In the past, Manatee County had required prior approval for removing and replacing trees. This is no longer the case. However, the Master Homeowners Association does require a review of your tree removal plans, which must comply with article V, Section 12 of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  For guidance on Manatee County rules for tree replacement, click here.

County Easements

For any improvements that may encroach onto your utility easement, you may be asked to record a Manatee County Easement Encroachment Agreement, which states that you will remove the improvement at your own expense in the event that Manatee County deems it necessary to utilize the easement.

For Manatee County guidance for property changes, permitting and contractors, click here.


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