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Cable Committee

Current Committee Chair

Jim Lamy



The Cable Committee is commissioned and charged with providing Cable TV and Internet services to the community. This includes the evaluation of technologies; the installation and maintenance of wiring throughout Rosedale (if necessary); the development of community requirements for Cable TV and Internet services; negotiation of any contracts to provide Cable TV and/or Internet services; and the effective operation and oversight of any bulk contracts. 


The Cable Committee will periodically evaluate the need for Cable TV and Internet services, and it will solicit recommendations and opinions and advise on how best to meet those needs. The Committee may utilize independent contractors, industry experts, resident experts, staff, or any other qualified individuals deemed necessary. The Committee will not expend any funds in developing recommendations, opinions or advice unless specifically authorized by the Rosedale Master Homeowners Association Board of Directors (RMHA-BOD). The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the RMHA-BOD, through the Board member serving as liaison to the Committee. The Committee will report verbally to the RMHA-BOD periodically and make recommendations on the provision of Cable TV and Internet services. Any proposed expenditure of funds will be provided in writing to the Board liaison at least five days prior to the date of any scheduled regular meetings of the RMHOA-BOD so that the proposal may be included in the management report.


The Cable Committee shall be a standing committee, subject to yearly review and appointment by the RMHA-BOD, and shall be most involved in the two years leading up to the expiration of any currently operating bulk contract with outside Cable TV and Internet services provider.


The Committee will consist of no less than three members who are homeowners in the Rosedale community. The Committee will have a chair, who will be appointed by the RMHA-BOD. The chair will solicit members from the Rosedale community for membership on the Committee. The Committee will meet as necessary to address matters within the Committee’s responsibilities. A report will be prepared of all Committee meetings and provided to the BOD for review.

Relationship to the RMHA-BOD

The Committee chair will report to the Board of Directors at regular BOD meetings as appropriate. Recommendations from the Committee will first be presented to the Board liaison for review and evaluation, and then presented to the RMHA-BOD in writing for approval. The BOD will accept or reject the recommendations from the Committee which will act accordingly.

Relationship to Management Company

The Committee chair will serve as the liaison to the property manager and Management Company related to the activities of the Committee. The property manager will be available as a resource to the Committee and to solicit bids as necessary in preparation for review by the Committee and recommendations to the BOD. The property manager will also make his or her staff available as necessary to assist with secretarial support, scheduling appointments, meeting with contractors, etc. The Committee chairperson or members shall not directly approach staff of the Management Company for assistance without prior approval of the property manager.