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Hotwire Contact Information:

     Hotwire Main Number:    800-355-5668

  • Support

  • Billing

  • Sales

  • Appointments

     Hotwire Email:

To access the Hotwire Website for Rosedale, click the button to the right and enter the access code 8419. On installation, you will be provided with your own user name and password.

Online Support with Hotwire:

The Support tab on the Hotwire Website ( offers many helpful training videos and documents and is a great source of information.

We have a new dedicated Hotwire Account Manager, Melissa Pace-Timer, who will assist all customers/residents.  She replaces Jennifer Shaw, who was been promoted and has move on. While she is not the primary contact for day-to-day issues, if you are having a problem and the regular channels are not working, email her.  She can help with any escalations you may require and/or just assist in answering questions.  Melissa's email address is

To ensure quality and accountability, Hotwire Communications dedicates the same technicians to your community, allowing them to become experts in serving the unique needs of your property. Technicians are available after hours and on weekends.

View more information on Hotwire at the bottom of this Page.

Cable Committee

As the installation phase of the Hotwire initiative and the infrastructure fortification plan being implemented is nearly complete, the Cable Committee's primary mission to select and oversee the installation of the new cable service has been completed. Cable Committee having completed its work, is disbanding. Oversite of our contract relationship with Hotwire will now be managed directly by the Master Board.


The day-to-day oversight of the Hotwire activities be transitioned to a Business-as-Usual model as it has been in the past for our previous provider.  Hotwire is the cable provider, and just like the other cable providers before them, if you have concerns with your cable service, you need to deal directly with Hotwire for resolution.


More information on
Your Hotwire Cable Services



Hotwire is our provider (ISP) for Internet, TV and Phone Services. Hotwire deals exclusively with HOA’s. They have no individual retail service; they are organized to deal with communities like ours. Their Fiber to the home [FTTH] service is a world-class infrastructure for the delivery of internet and
communication services that is far superior to any other cable technology.


  • Internet speed of 500 mb downloads and uploads.

  • A broad channel line-up.

  • DVR service will be whole house, with 200 hours of programming stored on their cloud-based network.

  • Three wireless DVR set top boxes included.

  • The latest Wi-Fi technology for your house.


The Rosedale MHOA contract with Hotwire for Internet and Cable TV services is a Bulk Agreement. The cost of the Bulk Services agreement is included in your Rosedale Master HOA Fees. In addition to the Bulk Services included in your HOA fees, you may choose optional RETAIL billable services from Hotwire. Examples of optional services are:

  • Additional Set-Top Boxes,

  • Network Extenders,

  • Land-Line Phone services,

  • Home Security etc.

A full list of Bulk and Optional Services as well as Retail pricing can be found on
the Rosedale/Hotwire Website under the Services tab under SHOP. If you choose Optional Retail services, you will receive a monthly bill from Hotwire


Some of the significant value we receive from Hotwire is:

  • A “futureproof” Rosedale dedicated Fiber infrastructure capable of growth and expansion as our needs change.

  • Consistent internet speeds of 500Mbps for both uploads and downloads with our Bulk services will minimize buffering during TV and gaming applications as well as enable home office/business solutions. Need more speed, no problem, optional services are offered for services up to 5 Gbps.

  • The latest Wi-Fi technology for your house is included through a “mesh ready" router that can manage many smart devices and is easily expanded to meet your growing needs. Your network will be anchored by an eero pro 6 solution that includes an on-board smart hub that integrates with Alexa and can help manage your in-home smart devices.

  • Up to three wireless set top boxes are provided at in the Bulk agreement and are small enough to be mounted behind your TV or in a cabinet as they are controlled via Radio Frequency (RF) signal and therefore do not require “line of sight” to the remote. They connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi and do not require a cable connection. To view the set top box specification sheet, click on

  • Other retail services, e.g Landlines and Security are available as well.

  • The channel lineup included in the Bulk agreement is extensive and includes most of the channels available in the base spectrum package today. There are optional packages that will be offered to include additional content and premium channels. Note both Digital Access and Digital Favorite channels are included in the Rosedale Bulk Package at no additional expense.  You Can Review and/or print the included Rosedale Bulk Services channels by visiting and navigating to SERVCIES – CHANNEL LINEUP. 

Keep in mind that through our Bulk Services agreement, you have a direct relationship with Hotwire. Any questions related to these documents or services should be directed to Hotwire. They can be reached via phone, e-mail or Chat by accessing your account on the website or via You can Communicate with Hotwire via the Rosedale/Hotwire Website. This site provides you a direct link to Hotwire’s customer and technical services departments and will provide you with the information you need to get the most from the services offered by our ISP partner.


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