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 Entrance of Guests and Vendors

Visitor Check in at the Gate


All guests and vendors must have authorization by a resident to enter the community. To enter Rosedale, visitors (guests and vendors) must use the left lane at the entrance gates to check in with the attendant and tell the gate attendant who they are visiting. The attendant will scan their valid ID (driver's license, passport or state issued ID card) and verify that they have been authorized by the resident to enter. 


If your visitor requires access for more than one day, he or she will receive a paper dated pass; it may be printed with directions to your home. This pass will enable your visitor to use the right resident gate paper pass scanner for the duration of their visit.


Notifying the Gate of Visitors


To notify the Gate in advance of expected visitors, Rosedale residents must use an Internet communication system (app) called dwellingLIVE™.


If the gatehouse has not been notified in advance by a resident using dwellingLIVE, the gate attendant will not allow the visitor access without first calling the resident for authorization.


Not notifying the gate about a visitor in advance will result in your visitor being held up while the gatekeeper calls for authorization, and backs up traffic and delays all other visitors waiting to enter.


Phone calls to the gate attendants to authorize visitors are strongly discouraged due to heavy traffic at the gates and potential back-up of traffic. If absolutely necessary, you may call either gatehouse AFTER 6:00 p.m. to register guests or vendors for future visits: SR 70 gatehouse (941) 538-6591 or 44th Ave gatehouse (941) 462-3873.


Other Provisions:

  • All visitors, vendors and contractors MUST HAVE A VALID ID TO ENTER ROSEDALE.

  • If a visitor whose authorization has expired tries to enter using your name, or an unauthorized person tries to enter using your name or address, the gate attendant will contact you.

  • Cameras at both gates record the facial recognition and license number of cars entering and leaving Rosedale.

  • The Malachite gate is for the use of emergency vehicles only.

  • Residents who rent their property must supply a properly filled out and signed lease, preferably 30 days in advance, to RPM.  To prevent unauthorized access, if a renter shows up at the gate with an unsigned lease, the property owner will be called to authorize access and be informed that a properly prepared lease must be supplied. If the property owner cannot be contacted, the person will be denied access.

    • All leases must be at least 30 days and not extended 12 months.

    • Resident may not have more than one active lease on their property at a time. 


Click here to Learn how to use dwellingLIVE to notify the gate of Visitors.

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