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Rosedale Needs Volunteers to Function

Rosedale Needs You


Rosedale depends on volunteers working on our various committees to manage much of the needed services. You may not realize just how much time and effort our committee volunteers put in to make our community run smoothly and look so nice.  It's a herculean effort of love and commitment, and the volunteers and work they do make Rosedale a unique and special community. We could not function without them.

Volunteers collectively put in an average of 600 hours per month on the various committees.  At $25 per hour, that amounts to an annual value of $207,600 or approximately $189 of additional annual dues per year.

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Want to be one of the volunteers that make our community special?

The board and committee chairs are always interested in adding new volunteers to the large number of committees that support the community every day.  We have 12 permanent committees and from time to time might have short-term project committees charged with assisting with a special project – applying for a county grant, cataloging documents, researching property information, or polling homeowners. Volunteers are the absolute backbone of our community and the stronger they are, the stronger our community is. There’s a common goal to be met by committees but also a personal goal of living in a well-maintained community where there are opportunities to get to know your neighbors.


Even if a committee is full, we are always looking for curious minds, fresh ideas or project management help with the endless number of projects these committees do each year. There are opportunities to attend meetings, participate in small projects, get to know how the committee works so when an opening is available you are ready to jump in.


We are starting an “I’m interested” database of homeowners who have shown a desire to join a committee, their interests and expertise, and contact information so as openings or special projects arise, we have a resource of volunteers we can reach out to.


So if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, click

I’m interested
to get the volunteer sign up form

and join the many neighbors that pitch in

and make our community the great place that we love.


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