Rosedale Storm Disaster Emergency Plan

Rosedale is not in a flood plain, so we are not required to evacuate, even in a Category Five storm. Damage to Rosedale during a hurricane would more often be due to wind rather than water.

In a major storm, Manatee County Emergency Services will respond first to the hardest-hit areas. It is likely that areas close to the Gulf will need help before Rosedale. Emergency service vehicles generally do not respond until wind speeds have dropped to around 40 mph.


Homeowners are responsible for their own safety. Thus, be aware of how to prepare for storms. Read the Manatee County Disaster Planning Guide found on this website under Overview, Manatee County Guidelines.


Make sure you have a family disaster plan. At the beginning of hurricane season, collect disaster supplies listed in the and keep your important documents in a waterproof/fireproof carrier. Plan where the “safe room” in your home will be located, and do not forget to plan for your pets.


If you have special medical needs, you may register each year in advance to go to a Special Needs Shelter in Manatee County. Special needs may include oxygen dependency, serious mobility problems, and hospice care. The County can provide transportation, but you must supply a caregiver. Click on the icon below to register.



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