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Traffic Regulations

Revised 1/14/2021

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The speed limit on all Rosedale roads is 25 mph. All vehicles, including golf carts and bicycles, must come to a complete stop at all stop signs and follow all other Florida motor vehicle operation requirements.  Passing a moving car or truck is not permitted in Rosedale. Passing a golf cart at speeds less than 25 mph is permitted provided there is no oncoming traffic.

Only licensed and insured drivers are permitted to operate golf carts on Rosedale roads. Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to operate golf carts under any circumstances. Golf cart operators should be aware at all times that they may be passed by cars or trucks.

Operating a vehicle in a reckless fashion, screeching tires or creating an unnecessary amount of engine noise will constitute a violation and subject the operator or resident, if the operator is a guest, to a fine.  


Walkers and joggers are strongly encouraged to use available sidewalks when possible. The safest place, in most instances, for walkers and joggers is on the sidewalks. However, if it is necessary to walk or jog in the street, then pedestrians should be aware of passing vehicles and walk or jog in the street facing traffic.

Since there are no bicycle lanes in Rosedale, ride as close as possible to the right edge of the roadway. Those riding two-abreast should single up and keep right when there is traffic.  Bicycles should not be ridden on sidewalks except in unusual situations. For example, young children who may be learning to ride and are not in full control of the bicycles can be on sidewalks under supervision and should not be in the street.

Outside of Club sponsored activities, you may not walk, jog, bicycle, or exercise pets on the golf course or its cart paths at any time.

The Malachite vehicle gate is for use of emergency vehicles only and is monitored with cameras. Manatee County Code Enforcement is notified about unauthorized use of the Malachite gate and may issue a fine up to $500 for violations.

Use of clickers or remote devices coded to operate the Malachite emergency gate and either the Rt 70 or 44th Ave gates are not permitted at any time. Visitors, residents or their guests may be subject to $100 fine for themselves and their guests for such use.

Homeowners who desire to use the Malachite pedestrian gate leading out to Malachite Drive may obtain a key for a $100 deposit and completion of the Rosedale Homeowners Malachite Pedestrian Access Key form.  (CLICK HERE for the form)


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