Legal Issues Committee Charter



The Rosedale Master Homeowners Association has very recently transferred responsibility for all aspects of the Rosedale community from the Developer to the Board of Directors. Throughout the transfer process, many issues will likely arise. The purpose of the Transition/Legal Issues committee is to advise and consult with the Master Homeowners Association Board of Directors regarding these legal and transition issues.



The committee is responsible for identifying issues for the Board that could have legal consequences for the community, for managing those issues after consultation and direction from the Board, and for advising the Board on recommended actions.


The committee will also identify and interview law firms when it becomes necessary for the Board to secure legal representation, and to recommend law firms to the Board for potential representation. Once law firms have been selected, the committee will function as Board liaison with the outside counsel.


The committee will also assist Board efforts to successfully transition from a board controlled by a developer, to one controlled by community homeowners, and to carry out related duties as assigned by the Board.

And finally, the committee will coordinate the above activities with the community Property Management company where appropriate.



The Committee will consist of a minimum of three members: The President of the Board; the Treasurer of the Board; and the Secretary of the Board, whose signature is often required on legal documents. The committee shall have no more than seven members, with no more than three also being members of the Board.



The committee shall provide a written report to be included on the agenda of regularly scheduled Board meeting. It will report the status of any open issues.



Appointed Committee members serve a one-year term. Board-level committee members’ terms are concurrent with their Board terms.

Current Committee Chair

Paul Meehan