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Rules for Renting and Leasing

At the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Rosedale Master Association, the Rosedale Homeowners Association approved changes to the Master Association’s CC&Rs that stipulated restrictions and requirements for leasing one’s home.  The following is a summary these changes and a checklist for homeowners who are considering leasing their home.


If You Seek to Lease Your Home

  1. The Homeowner shall prepare and submit a Homeowner’s Leasing Application forms which can be downloaded from buttons at the bottom of the Page.

  2. A copy of the Lease Agreement should be attached to this Homeowner Application when it is submitted.

  3. Homeowners are prohibited from entering a lease which has a period of less than sixty (60) consecutive days.

  4. Only the entire Unit may be leased. No room or portion of the property may be leased.

  5. Assessments - monies owed to the Association by the Homeowner - must be paid in full before the Homeowner Application may be submitted for consideration.

  6. Only the Homeowner is authorized to complete the Homeowner Application.

  7. No Unit may be used for any purpose other than as a single-family residence. Units may not be sub-leased at any time.

  8. Should a renter move into a Unit without the approval of the Association, the Association has the right to evict the renter(s)/guest(s) and the Unit Owner will be liable for all costs pertaining to the eviction process including attorney's fee.

  9. Immediate family members are not required to complete the rental application.

  10. The homeowner must provide the Resource Property Management [RPM] with the completed Lessee Application for Lease or Rent [shown in a separate document] of the proposed staring date.

  11. The documentation, fees and any deposit must be submitted to the RPM office at least ten (10) days prior to a renter taking occupancy.

  12. To allow time for processing, homeowners are encouraged to submit their rental applications thirty (30) days in advance.

  13. The MHOA is committed to approve the lease application in no more than thirty (30). Homeowners may request that their applications be expedited. If a homeowner requests to expedite, the MHOA will do its best to accommodate his or her need.  If the renter comes from outside the US, more time might be required.

  14. If you are a Unit Owner in Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., who has a Homestead Exemption for tax purposes, please note there are specific conditions on leasing your unit. Please refer to Florida Statue 196.061(1).

  15. The Rosedale Master Homeowners Association requires a non-refundable $100.00 application fee.A portion of the fee is applied to a background check for each individual named in the Lessee Application. If perspective renters are not US citizens, there may be additional charges for an international background check. The Lessee Applicant must contact Resource Property Management [RPM] for International Background fees.


Exceptions to the application fee rule are as follows:

a. Renters who have been previously approved and are returning to the same unit on an annual basis. However, a rental application is required each time.
b. Your check should be made payable to: Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc.
c. No application fee is required for children of the applicant(s) who are under the age of 18. Application processing will not begin until the application, a copy of lease and the $100 processing fee have all been received by Resource Property Management.

Please mail to:

Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc.

C/O Resource Property Managem

2025 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Suite 203
Bradenton, FL 34211


16.  The following paragraphs should be included in all lease agreements between Rosedale Homeowners and their tenants.


HOLD HARMLESS:  Tenants expressly release Landlord and Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., from any and all liability for any damages or injury to Tenants, or any other person, or to any property, occurring on the premises unless such damage is the direct result of the gross negligence or unlawful act of Landlord or Landlord’s agents.

RULES & REGULATIONS and BYLAWS: Tenants hereby agrees and acknowledges that Tenants have received and read the CC&Rs for Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. and Tenants hereby promise to abide by all provisions Rules and Regulations.

ASSOCIATION’S RIGHT TO DEMAND RENT: Pursuant to Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. is entitled to demand that Tenants pay rent directly to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc., in the event Landlord (Unit Owner) is delinquent in paying any monetary obligation due to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. and Tenants agree to pay rent directly to Rosedale Master Homeowners Association, Inc. upon demand in such event.

Rental/Lease Forms

Homeowner's Leasing Process and Application Forms:


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