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Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Charter


Temporary Committee Chair

Peter Ingraffia



The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is to administer Rosedale’s community guidelines and standards by overseeing changes and modifications to any homeowner’s property through an application and appeal process. The established processes are designed to balance the interests of individual homeowners and the community as a whole, ensuring that architectural guidelines are met, and property values are protected. Ultimately, a review committee must put the interests of the community as a whole above the interests of individual homeowner members.



The ARC is responsible for managing the application and approval process, for making subjective and objective decisions about guideline compliance in a manner consistent with the governing documents, making recommendations to the Board of Directors, reviewing guidelines for adequacy, and educating the community about set guidelines.


Relationship to the Board

The ARC reports to the Board. The committee will produce written summarizations of its approvals, disapprovals, and any appeals actions undertaken by homeowners.



The ARC will consist of not less than three nor more than seven members with desired representation from all areas of Rosedale – Links, Highlands, and Legacy. The Committee chair will be appointed by the Board.



Members serve a one-year term and can be reappointed.


Committee Meetings

ARC meetings will be noticed and conducted via Zoom at least once every thirty days so as not to delay reviews and decisions on homeowner requests. Emergency meetings may be required if, for example, a homeowner discovers a leak in the roof and must make repairs before the next ARC meeting. Alternatively, the committee chair can issue a conditional approval to be confirmed at the next regularly scheduled ARC meeting.


Committee Funding

Working with the Board Treasurer, the ARC will recommend a budget for its planned activities. In the event of an emergency requiring additional funding, the RMHA Board president or vice president can approve the necessary funds.



The committee shall deliver a report at regular Board meetings outlining any current issues and concerns. The report shall be in writing and submitted to the Board for review five days prior to the Board meeting.



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