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Resource Property Management (RPM)

2025 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Suite 203
Bradenton, FL 34211


Resource Property Management (RPM) is a Florida-based property management firm that serves Rosedale as well as many other condominium and HOA clients. RPM works for, and reports to, the Rosedale Master Homeowners Association (RMHA) Board of Directors. RPM can take direction from the RMHA only; it does not work for individual homeowners.


Administrative Services by RPM

Working with the RMHA and its committees, RPM delivers a number of administrative services to Rosedale, including, but not limited to:

  • Advising specific actions based on what other communities may be doing

  • Keeping financial records

  • Taking and retaining minutes of RMHA meetings

  • Managing Architectural Review Committee requests and the approval process

  • Issuing bar codes for gate entry (except during the COVID-19 pandemic)

  • Managing Estoppel Letters and other legal documents involving sale of homes

  • Issuing compliance violation letters to homeowners, builders, or vendors

  • Handling all RMHA insurance renewals and claims

  • Managing all administrative mailings and notices

  • Overseeing selected processes: the annual RMHA meeting, all other board meetings, and board elections

  • For new owners, handling dwellingLive instructions,  RMHA website instructions and mailbox keys for new builds

  • Other support as the RMHA may require


Establishing a OneSource Account with RPM


Once RPM receives your Manatee County recorded deed as a new homeowner, you will be mailed a Welcome Letter about how to create your online account with RPM. You are instructed to go to the Resource Property Management website, click on the “OneSource Login” link in the upper center of the screen and proceed according to the directions in the letter.


Once you have set up your account, you can use RPM’s web-based management system, OneSource, at the One Source website to communicate with them. On the OneSource website you can manage payments to RMHA. Under the Maintenance tab property owners can initiate a work request for problems in common areas e.g. irrigation, plant health, mailboxes, sidewalks, lighting, lakes, roads, etc. Under Association Business can be found the agenda and minutes of RHMA Board meetings.

Payment of Yearly Association Dues


Invoices for Rosedale Master Homeowners association’s annual dues are mailed in December.  All dues for the Master Association are due on January 1st and considered late if not received by January 31st.  If the yearly dues remain unpaid after January 31, a notice is sent to and late fees and interest are applied to the account per the governing documents.  Late notices are mailed to all homeowners to the address on record in One Source.  There will be a late fee for payments received after January 31st.


If you are a new owner who has taken title to a Rosedale property, you should expect that you will be receiving a Dues Bill.  It is possible that the bill might be sent to the old owner or a wrong address and you do not receive a bill.  Since you are the owner of the property and should understand your obligation to pay HOA dues, whether you receive a bill or not, you are still responsible for payment on time.

Contact RPM’s Accounts Receivable Department at (844) 280-4688 if you do not receive a bill in December or with account questions.


You may look at and pay your homeowner account by logging into One Source, which is located on the Resource Property Website ( under the Resident Services tab.


If you purchased during the middle of the year, your real estate agent would have gotten an Estopple document from RPM to confirm that all bills were paid and no dues was owing.  In that case, the last payment for HOA dues made by the seller would have been apportioned to compensate the seller for your portioning at closing.  As with a new buyer, when the new dues bill becomes due for the next year, you are responsible for payment whether you received a bill or not; that is, the same obligations defined above apply.

HOA Dues.jpg

Contacting RPM


We have easy access to their services at the RPM office just north of the Links entrance at 2025 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, Suite 203.

The RPM person who handles Rosedale business is Cristina Stewart. She can be reached by phone at:

(941) 348-2912 or email at:  Or you can reach RPM via their web-based management system, One Source (click here for website).

If you wish to report a water leak or some other problem on Rosedale's Common Grounds, please call RPM (Resource Property Management), at their normal number (941/348-2912). If it’s after hours, you will get a prompt to connect to the emergency on-call person.



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