Each new resident is sent a welcome email by the Communications Committee, giving them the RMHA website address and password to the Residents Only section. They are also told to expect a visit from their HOA’s Welcome Rep.


The new resident contact information is sent to the Welcome Rep Coordinator for the Legacy, Highlands, or Links, respectively. Each HOA has at least one volunteer Welcome Rep. The respective HOA Welcome Rep is sent the new resident contact information and asked to arrange a visit within the upcoming days. The Coordinator assures that the Welcome Rep has an up-to-date Rosedale Homeowner Welcome Package to deliver during the visit. The Welcome Rep has been provided a script of what to discuss with the new resident. COVID precautions are maintained during the visit to keep both the Welcome Rep and new resident safe.


The Rosedale Homeowner Welcome Package contains the following print documents:

  1. Cover letter

  2. Road map of Legacy and Highlands sections

  3. Road map of Links 

  4. Manatee County All-Hazards Disaster Planning Guide 

  5. Manatee County Recycling handout with Rosedale pick-up schedule 

  6. dwellingLIVE getting started handout 

  7. Before You Make Any Changes to the Exterior of Your Property handout 

  8. Rosedale Contact Information card