Quick Links for New Residents


Before You Make Changes to your Property CLICK HERE

Bradenton DMV       CLICK HERE

Brief Guide to Rosedale's Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions CLICK HERE


Cable Information for New Homeowners CLICK HERE

City of Bradenton     CLICK HERE

DwellingLIVE            CLICK HERE     

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Manatee County      CLICK HERE

Manatee County All-Hazards Disaster Planning Guide CLICK HERE

Manatee County Recycling handout with Rosedale pick-up schedule CLICK HERE

Resource Property Management   CLICK HERE 

Rosedale Contact Information CLICK HERE

Road Map of Legacy and Highlands sections CLICK HERE

Road Map of Links CLICK HERE

Rosedale Golf and Country Club  CLICK HERE

Rosedale Neighborhood Homeowners Associations

Highlands Homeowners Association 1            CLICK HERE     

Highlands Homeowners Association 2            CLICK HERE

Woodbrooke Run Homeowners Association    CLICK HERE 

Spectrum Cable       CLICK HERE                       

To learn about the Rosedale Welcoming Process CLICK HERE

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