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Compliance Committee Charter


Current Committee Chair

Fred Booth



The Compliance Committee is commissioned by the board to help with identifying and addressing violations of the governing documents of the Rosedale community and hearing and adjudicating the appeal of any fines, remedies or other penalties levied by the Rosedale Master HOA Board when presented to it by a resident.



The Compliance Committee is commissioned by the Board of Directors to:

  1. Assist and advise homeowners in understanding the documents governing the Rosedale Community, including: Master Declarations, our CC&R's, Bylaws and any other applicable rules and regulations.All governing documents can be viewed from the Governing Documents Page under the Residents Only Tab on this Website.

  2. Work with residents and local HOA representatives and non-HOA representatives to identify suspected violations presented to the committee.

  3. Periodically evaluate the outward appearance of all homes to identify
    non-compliance situations (no less than twice a year).

  4. Respond to violations not meeting community standards.

  5. Review any and all reported violations to see if in fact a violation exists.

  6. Regularly review non-compliance situations to see if the violation has been cured.

  7. Advise residents of a reported or visually notice violation:

    • The basis for the violation notice being issued

    • The needed remedy to resolve the violation

    • The time by which the issue must be brought into compliance

    • The possible results if the issue is not corrected

  8. Issue citations for non-compliance situations

  9. Refer uncorrected non-compliance situations to the Master HOA Board
    for the imposition of fines or other penalties


Compliance chairman will work closely with the Board member appointed as the Committee Liaison and also the property manager, and the Board of Directors, as needed.  The Committee Chair will be appointed by the Board Members serve a 1-year term and can be reappointed.  The Committee shall deliver a report at regular Board Meetings outlining current non-compliance activity.  The report shall be presented to the Board prior to the monthly Board Meeting.  The Committee shall follow the Compliance Flow Chart and the published Fine Schedule.  Violation reporting, and fining process must operate in the open and be transparent while protecting the individuals involved.  Residents have an obligation to document a violation they see or report.  No one can report a violation by phone or email; it must be reported on an official violation form. The report should include the stated violation, with photos, addresses and date of violation, a car model, color, and license plate (if it is a vehicle violation).  The violation
form must be signed.  Keep in mind the person reporting the violation will not be disclosed to the one committing the violation nor to anyone outside of the Master Board or RPM. The violation form should be turned into RPM and RPM will advise the Compliance Committee.


A resident may request an appeal of a penalty levied.  Such an appeal will be heard by a committee, which will consider the fines at a monthly hearing.   Committee will consist of no less than three individuals, and such individuals may not be a board member or related to a board member.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the fine or suspension shall either be confirmed or rejected by the committee.  Committee must approve a proposed fine or suspension by a majority vote of the members of the committee present.

Relationship to the Board

The Compliance Committee serves as part of the compliance process of the Board. The Compliance Committee chair will work closely with the Board member appointed as the committee’s liaison. The committee will make written recommendations to the Board concerning changes to the documents governing the community as it deems appropriate. The chair of the Compliance Committee, with the board liaison, will work with the property manager, and the Board of Directors, as needed.



Compliance Committee members shall be identified and approved by the Board and serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Compliance Committee shall have no fewer than seven volunteer members. Members will be selected to represent all areas of Rosedale: Links, Legacy and Highlands. The Committee chair will be appointed by the Board.



Members serve a one-year term and can be reappointed.


The committee shall deliver a report at regular Board meetings outlining current compliance-related activities. The report shall be in writing and submitted to the Board for review five days prior to the Board meeting.



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