Responsibilities of Realtors

Note to Realtors:  If you can think of any content that can be added to this page to help smooth the way for folks who are moving or contemplating moving into the Rosedale Community, please send your ideas to

New Homeowners

Register with RPM to Get an Entry Barcode and Gate Access Resources

Direct new home buyers to the Resource Property Management office (RPM) to "register" as a new owner and get access, as a homeowner, to Rosedale.  The realtor should assist the buyer to call the RPM office, make an appointment with them, and arrive with their warranty deed, identification and vehicle registrations. 


RPM will enter them as residents into the dwellingLIVE system with vehicle information.  RPM will inform them to go to the main gate with identification and make an appointment to get barcodes installed.


RPM offices are currently closed because of COVID. For more information on the precess, refer pages under to the Gate Access and Safety menu tab.   In their absence, contact the Master HOA Access Committee at

Impress the New Homeowner with the Need to Learn How to Use dwellingLIVE

dwellingLIVE is the Internet communications system Rosedale uses to enable residents to notify the gate of visitors and vendors. It can be accessed in three different ways -- iPhone, Android Smartphone or using an online browser with your computer or tablet. Using dwellingLIVE, you can add guests or vendors (visitors), add a party list, restrict visitors, select the start and end dates of the visit, and view your visitor history.  New buyers can find the instructions for using dwellingLIVE in the items listed under the Gate Access and Safety menu  tab on the Master HOA Website (

Inform New Residents of Rosedale's Welcoming Process

The Welcoming Committee needs your help in identifying new homeowners in a timely manner.  Please notify the us by sending the name, address, phone number, email address and the date they will be moving in to


Once we are notified of the sale, the new homeowner should expect to receive a visit from their HOA's Welcome Representative within a week or so.  This rep will provide them with a print Welcome Package of materials to help them get settled in the community.  Contact information for key players in the community will be made available. The Welcome Rep can continue to be a resource to answer questions.  If the new residents do not get a visit from the Welcome Rep, they can use the Contact Us menu tab to let us know.

Provide New Residents with Utility and Other Useful Contact Information

Contact information can be found on Helpful Information/Telephone #s Page (click here).

The Real Estate Agent is responsible for provide new buyers with Dues billing information

Invoices for Rosedale Master Homeowners association’s annual dues are mailed in December.  All dues for the Master Association are due on January 1st and considered late if not received by January 31st.  If the yearly dues remain unpaid after January 31, a notice is sent to and late fees and interest are applied to the account per the governing documents.  Late notices are mailed to all homeowners to the address on record in One Source.  There will be a late fee for payments received after January 31st.


If you are a new owner who has taken title to a Rosedale property, you should expect that you will be receiving a Dues Bill.  It is possible that the bill might be sent to the old owner or a wrong address and you do not receive a bill.  Since you are the owner of the property and should have been informed of your obligation to pay HOA dues, whether you receive a bill or not, you are still responsible for payment on time.  Contact Jacqueline Gorman at RPM, phone 727-581-2662, if you do not receive a bill in December or with account questions.


You may look at and pay your homeowner account by logging into One Source, which is located on the Resource Property Website.  under the Resident Services tab.


If you purchased during the middle of the year, your real estate agent would have gotten an Estopple document from RPM to confirm that all bills were paid and no dues was owing.  In that case, the last payment for HOA dues made by the seller would have been apportioned to compensate the seller for your portioning at closing.  As with a new buyer, when the new dues bill becomes due for the next year, you are responsible for payment whether you received a bill or not; that is, the same obligations defined above apply.

Working with Potential Buyers

Introduce Potential Buyers to the Master HOA Website

Introduce the new buyer to the Rosedale Master HOA Website ( and help them to bookmark it on their computer for future reference.  Encourage them to take the time to read all of the items under the Overview menu tab to familiarize them with the Master HOA, the covenants and the resources in the community.  Let them know that they can use the Contact Us menu tab ( to help them with any questions they have.

Inform Buyers of the Process for Making Changes to Your Property

Rosedale is a “deed restricted community,” a development where the homeowners association (HOA) has restrictions in place that prohibit certain actions. Make sure that new buyers are familiar with the process for getting approval for any property changes outlined in the items under the Property Change Request menu tab on the Master HOA Website. These rules are established and enforced by Rosedale’s Master HOA to maintain our neighborhood’s appearance and to support property values. One important element in the process of maintaining our community is the architectural review process, through which any changes to the outside appearance of homeowners’ property must be reviewed for consistency with our established standards.

Familiarize Yourself with the Governing Document to Better Inform Potential Buyers

Rosedale is a deed restricted community managed by the Rosedale’s Master Homeowners Association (RMHA), a legal entity cooperatively owned by the residents of Rosedale. It manages the operation, maintenance, preservation, management and control of the house lots and common areas in Rosedale in accordance with its Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Review the governing document on the Governing Documents Page under the Governance menu tab to familiarize yourself the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions in Rosedale so that you can better inform potential home buyers.