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Insurance Committee

Current Committee Chair  Brian Fischer

The Insurance Committee is authorized by the Board of Directors to work with the Property
Manager to evaluate the insurance needs and coverage requirements of the Master Association
and to identify quality insurance agency partners and insurers to assist in evaluating those needs
and providing the appropriate recommendations to the Board. The committee will also offer
assistance when requested by the Board on all matters requiring insurance input.


Committee members will meet with the Association Property Manager and insurance agents,
review insurance policies and work with associated industry professionals when approved by the
Board such as property appraisers and safety professionals to assess the Association insurance
needs and make recommendations to the Board.


Relationship to the Board
The Insurance Committee serves as advisors to the Board. The Committee chair will work in
concert with the Board member named as the committee's liaison. The committee will make
written recommendations to the Board concerning insurance coverage, policy limits, price
competitiveness, agency performance and other insurance related matters that are directed to the
Committee by the Board from time to time.


Insurance Committee members shall be identified and appointed by the Board and serve at the
pleasure of the Board. The Insurance Committee shall consist of at least two members or as
otherwise directed by the Board. The Committee chair will be appointed by the Board.


Terms of Service
Members serve a one-year term and can be reappointed.

Committee Meetings
Since Insurance policies ordinarily renew on an annual basis, the committee shall meet at least
annually to perform its duties. Additional meetings will be on an ad hoc basis. Because the
committee has no authority to spend money or undertake projects without Board approval, it's
meetings are not required to be posted. However, interested homeowners may contact the
committee chair or the Board liaison to learn when its meetings will be held.


Committee Funding
The committee will work with the Association Property Manager and insurance Agencies to
obtain written proposals for insurance renewals and provide those to the Board each year. The
committee shall also provide to the Board Treasurer what it recommends as a budget for the
Association's insurance needs. In the event of an emergency requiring additional funding, the
RMHA Board President or Vice President can approve the necessary

The committee shall deliver a report at regular Board meetings at least annually outlining
Association insurance policies and recommendations. The report shall be in writing and
submitted to the Board for review prior to the Board meeting.



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