Obtaining Your Vehicle Bar Code

Rosedale is a gated community, with 24/7 manned gatehouses. All residents, vendors, guests and visitors must successfully pass through the security gates to gain access to the neighborhood.

Rosedale homeowners and long-term renters (one year or longer) may obtain the necessary bar code decal to utilize the resident gates (State Route 70 and 44th Avenue). The decal, which is placed in the rear left window of the vehicle, is scanned and lets a resident drive in automatically from the right lane at both security gates. The homeowner may instead obtain a paper pass at either gate that can be used at the paper pass scanner at the resident gates.

In order to obtain a decal, new homeowners need to provide a copy of their Warranty Deed if it has not already been sent to Rosedale Property Management (RPM). Lessees need to provide a copy of the lease.

Please follow this process to obtain a bar code decal.

1.  An appointment is necessary and can be made by calling the State Route 70 gatehouse at (941) 756-2777, after 4:00 p.m.

2.  Barcodes will be issued by the gate attendant site supervisor at the SR 70 guest lane on Monday, Tuesday and Friday between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.

3.  You must have a completed barcode application with you. CLICK HERE for the fillable form. If you do not have the completed form with you, you will not be issued a barcode. Not having the completed form will cause a backup at the gate, which is not acceptable. If necessary, you can pick up a form at the SR 70 gatehouse in advance.

4.  Remain in your vehicle and a barcode will be affixed.

5.  A new barcode will not be active until the following day.


Only a system administrator can alter vehicle and bar code status for your account. To update information on your automobiles, email any corrected information to the Access Committee (CLICK HERE) or contact RPM.

If a Rosedale resident has a barcode from another community, it can be added to the Rosedale system. Then a paper pass would no longer need to be used to enter the resident's gate, and the vehicle would no longer cause system alarms when it passes the barcode reader. To implement this, send a full description of the vehicle including make, model, color, year, plate number and barcode number to the Access Committee.

There is no charge to residents for this bar code. Long-term renters may get a barcode at a cost of $10. All payments must be made in the form of check or money order only- no cash or credit card is acceptable.