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Stormwater Management Committee

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Current Committee Chair

Gary Schaefer



The Stormwater Management Committee (SWC) will advise the Rosedale Master Association (HOA) and their designated property manager (PM) regarding the proper functioning and maintenance of the storm water management system in Rosedale, including: stormwater ponds, wetlands, pipes and swales connecting the ponds and wetlands, functioning of the outflow and overflow structures into the wetlands and between the ponds, and the care of the conservation and wetland buffer areas.  The SWC also will advise the HOA regarding stormwater related elements of the Rosedale Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the following Southwest Florida Watershed Management District (SWFWMD) permits 

49.53 Revisions 1-13 Legacy

43.13971 Revisions 1 and 2 Highlands

43.33407 Revisions 1-5 Links


The Stormwater Management Committee will coordinate with other HOA approved Rosedale committees on any issues or projects which may affect stormwater management.  The Roads Committee will advise the HOA regarding storm drains and the pipes coming directly from the roads and emptying into the ponds or sump areas. The SWC will advise the HOA regarding outflow structures from the storm drains.  The SWC will advise the HOA on the budgeting and expenditure of funds related to proper maintenance and long-term care of the storm water infrastructure.  The SWC may contact the Manatee County government and the SWFWMD as it relates to SWFWMD operational permits.  It may also seek out grants from local, state and federal agencies with HOA approval to support improvement and maintenance of the above stormwater elements.  When asked by the HOA the Committee will also coordinate with Coral Hospitality (CH6) The SWC will refer to the Covenant Running With the Land of Rosedale, A Golf and Tennis Club Community Subdivision in its coordination with CH6.




The SWC will obtain proposals and recommend professional engineers, scientists and other professionals to the HOA for the following tasks.

  • Regular inspections of the ponds, pond water, pond banks, pipes and pond outfall structures

  • Maintenance of wetlands, wetland buffers and conservation areas.

  • Management of pond shorelines to prevent erosion and costly repairs.

  • Recommendations, professional opinions and advice on how best to approach needed areas of improvement, maintenance and repair.

  • Professional opinions on management, maintenance, and repair costs for input into a 5-Year SWC Plan to be updated annually.

  • Preparation of scopes of work, solicitation of bids, recommendation on contractor selection, and construction observation of work.


The SWC shall utilize independent contractors, industry experts as approved by the HOA to develop any recommended improvement, maintenance and/or repair plan(s). 


The SWC shall not expend any funds unless specifically reviewed and authorized by the HOA. The SWC is solely an advisor to the HOA. 


The SWC will report verbally to the HOA at regular meetings and present SWC recommendations regarding the above Responsibilities. 



The SWC shall be a standing committee, subject to yearly review and appointment by the HOA.



The SWC will consist of no less than three (3) members who are homeowners in the Rosedale community.  The SWC will have a chairperson, who will be appointed by the HOA, based on the recommendations of the Committee.  The chairperson with the assistance of the HOA will solicit members from the Rosedale community for membership on the Committee.  The Committee will hold, at a minimum, quarterly meetings, but may meet more often as necessary. 



The SWC is advisory only and as such will operate informally.    The SWC will not advertise its meetings or provide minutes or specifically vote on any recommendations.  The SWC will operate on a majority consensus basis only.


Relationship to the HOA

The SWC chairperson or his/her designee will report to the HOA at all regular meetings.  The HOA will accept or reject any contractors, improvements, maintenance or repairs recommended by the SWC.


Relationship to Property Manager

The SWC will utilize the PM to solicit bids, as necessary, in preparation of recommendations to the HOA.  The PM will also make their staff available as necessary to assist with administrative support, scheduling appointments, meeting with contractors, payment of invoices, etc.   Contact with the PM will be first coordinated with the HOA board liaison to the SWC.

Planting on the Pond Littoral Shelf

To prevent further shoreline erosion of our ponds, minimize the cost of pond bank repair, and to be in compliance with our South Florida Water Management District (SWMD) permits, we are planting along the littoral shelves of our ponds (the narrow, shallow border of each pond) throughout the community. We have selected both Pickerelweed and Duck Potato which are both broadleaf flowering plants that can be viewed currently along the edges of these ponds along 51st Terrace.
Click here to view a presentation provided to us by our ecological consultants Passarella and Associates describing the need for and benefits of vegetation along the banks of our ponds. Here are a few key points from the presentation:

  • Plantings help filter runoff water containing oil, gas, pesticides, heavy metals, fertilizers, and bacteria that would otherwise enter the pond and cause algae blooms and harm to aquatic life.

  • Vegetation provides habitat for aquatic species and areas for nesting birds, as well as for birds seeking shelter and protective cover.

  • Shoreline plants produce oxygen as a by-product of their metabolism; this benefits the overall health of the pond.


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