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We are a community known for its friendly residents, active lifestyle and extraordinary location.  Whichever of our three interconnected neighborhoods you call home - Legacy, Highlands or Links - this website has been designed as a comprehensive resource for vital information for you.

RMHA Board Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month

2:00 pm


To learn when the next Board of Directors Meeting or the next ARC Meeting are scheduled, and get the links to join them, click here.


ARC Meetings

once every 30 days

at 10:00 am  via Zoom

To contact the RMHA for any reason, click here.   Questions go to the Communications Committee, who will respond within 24 hours. If they cannot answer your question, it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee or the Board Comments and suggestions will also be forwarded to the appropriate committee or the Board for consideration.

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Contacting Hotwire for Support or to Report a Problem

Hotwire Contact Information:

     Hotwire Main Number:    800--355-5668

  • Billing

  • Support

  • Sales

  • Appointments

     Installation Issues only:  239-217-3262

     Hotwire Email:   Rosedale@hotwirecommunication.com

     Online Support with Hotwire:

The Support tab on the https://gethotwired.com/support, the Hotwire Website, offers many helpful training videos and documents, and is a great source of information.


Viewing the most recent Cablegram
Click here to view all Cablegrams which are posted on the Cable Page.

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Looking for a Few Good Men (and Women)

The Rosedale Master Homeowners Association is looking for volunteers to help out by joining one of the committees.  It's simple.  We either spend more money for outside services or we pitch in to help ourselves.  It's just being a good neighbor and a good citizen.  To let us know you are interested, click here.

Check back here regularly to catch up on new postings and activities of the RMHA.

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