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Welcome to the Rosedale Master Homeowners Association Website

We are a community known for its friendly residents, active lifestyle and extraordinary location.  Whichever of our three interconnected neighborhoods you call home - Legacy, Highlands or Links - this website has been designed as a comprehensive resource for vital information for you.

RMHA Board Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month

2:00 pm


To learn when the next Board of Directors Meeting or the next ARC Meeting are scheduled, and get the links to join them, click here.


ARC Meetings

once every 30 days

at 10:00 am  via Zoom

To contact the RMHA for any reason, click here.  Questions go to the Communications Committee, who will respond within 24 hours. If they cannot answer your question, it will be forwarded to the appropriate committee or the BoardComments and suggestions will also be forwarded to the appropriate committee or the Board for consideration.

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Results of Elections of Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting

The incumbents were returned to the Board with a 2 year term.

Total # of Ballots Cast:      570

Peter Ingraffia                  439*

Kevin "Chuck" Allen          425*

Brian Fischer                    321*

Joseph Mandarine             203

Paul Green                       128

Results of the Voting for CC&R Amendments at the Annual Meeting

Total of Voting Members:  461.  All CC&R amendments passed.

Number of Voters needed to Pass Amendments:  308


#    Area / Description                                                            Yes          No

1    Article I, Section 15 & Article V, Sections 10 & 22

      No Mow Zone                                                                     403          48

2    Article V, Section 6 - Garbage Receptacle                              396          58

3    Article V, Section 6 - Garbage Bags                                      372           81

4    Article V, Section 12 - Trees                                                 392           60

5    Article V, Section 15 - Guest Parking                                     389           65

6    Article V Section 15 - Car Covers                                          395           56

7    Article V, Section 15 - Car Repairs                                        407           47

8    Article V, Section 15 - Vehicle Nuisance                                 418           35

9    Article V, Section 15 - Oil Leaks                                            360           87

10  Article V, Section 15 - Parking Registration                             386           63

11  Article V, Section 17 - For Sale Signs                                     413           35

12  Article V, Section 18 - Dog and Cat Registration                     393            55

13  Article V, Section 29 - De Facto Tenancy                                417           32

14  Article VI, Sections 3 & 6 - ARC                                            411           42

15  Article VIII, Section 7 - Mowing Fee                                      393           58

16  Approval to roll-over excess 2023 income

      into 2024 operating budget                                                  441          13

44th Avenue Extension and it's affect on Rosedale

Below is an aerial view of the construction taken the end of February.  More work has been completed since then.

View from 44th Ave Entrance.jpg

View from the 44th Ave Entrance

View of Blatry Court.jpg

View of Baltry Court

Below is a graphic representation of the new road and its proximity to Rosedale. The yellow line shows where we currently have walls and the red line shows where we will need to build a wall. The Board has anticipated the need and it is already in the current budget. There will be areas leading into the wetlands which will require planting to act as a barrier between the walls and the jungle areas.

44th Ave by Rosedale.jpg

Beyond Baltry Court the road veers northwest away from Rosedale and is separated by jungle and wetlands that should provide security and noise abatement.  If necessary, we could build fencing for additional security.

The Roads Committee and the Landscape Committee are in close communication with the Lena Road Extension Committee on the progress and status of the 44th Avenue extension project.  Together they are putting together a plan of action that starts with conferring with engineers and contractors on potential wall placement and costs.  Stay tuned for continued updates and developments.

Recognizing the Original Creator of this Website Who Has Sadly Passed

Debby Sunkenberg, our friend and valued fellow Communications Committee member, has passed. She was one of the original members of the Communications Committee who made such a large contribution to Rosedale by envisioning, designing and creating this Website on her own. She awed us with her quick wit and intellect by learning web authoring self-taught and applying her new-found ability and tenacity to build our massive Website from scratch; and later, she inspired us with her courage under adversity. Debby was a joy to work with. She will be missed.

RPM Community Association Manager

To support the need of our community and assist RPM with their administrative responsibilities, we have a dedicated, full-time Licensed Community Association Managers (LCAM), Paul Taylor, who will work with our Board and the various volunteer committees. Paul can be reached at or through the RPM office at 941/348-2912.

An Easy to Read Guide to the CC&Rs

A number of responders have asked for a clean copy of the CC&Rs without all the confusing legal language.  Many asked to eliminated the strike outs and combine all amendments to make a single document. It was even suggested that we add a table of contents and provide a method of searching by key word.


The good news is that there is such a document and it is available on our Master HOA Website. It can be found by clicking the blue button labeled  Summary of Rosedale CC&R Rules Including All Amendments found at the bottom of the Rules and Regulations Page accessed from the Governance tab on the navigation bar. To go directly to the document, click here. Please note the warning concerning the use of this document.

Contacting Hotwire for Support or to Report a Problem

Hotwire Contact Information:

     Hotwire Main Number: 800-355-5668 for Support, Billing, Sales or Appointments.

     Hotwire Email:

     Online Support with Hotwire:

The Support tab on the, the Hotwire Website, offers many helpful training videos and documents, and is a great source of information.

Our dedicated Hotwire Account Manager, Melissa Pace-Timer, can also assist all customers/residents. While she is not the primary contact for day-to-day issues, if you are having a problem and the regular channels are not working, email her.  She can help with any escalations you may require and/or just assist in answering questions - Melissa's email address is


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When you do not receive an email from us, it is usually because our email got trapped by a spam filter. Here are a few things you can do to help Rosedale emails make it thought the spam filters.


  1. Add us to your contact list to let the spam filters know that you know us. Please create a contact in your contacts file as follows:

Name: Ed Mazer
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Looking for a Few Good Men (and Women)

The Rosedale Master Homeowners Association is looking for volunteers to help out by joining one of the committees.  It's simple.  We either spend more money for outside services or we pitch in to help ourselves.  It's just being a good neighbor and a good citizen.  To let us know you are interested, click here.

Check back here regularly to catch up on new postings and activities of the RMHA.

The Rosedale Master HOA Website is managed by the Communications Committee.


Designed and created by Debby Sunkenberg

Webmaster - Ed Mazer

Content Editor - Judy Boehm

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