Using the dwellingLIVE Visitor Management System

dwellingLIVE is the system Rosedale uses to enable visitor and vendor access to our community. When a new owner is registered in dwellingLIVE by either RPM, the Site Supervisor or Access Committee member, a dwellingLIVE invitation is sent with a username and password.  An additional email will be sent with a link to the tutorials here on the website.  


As soon as possible, set up your electronic account by referring to the dwellingLIVE Handout (CLICK HERE for the handout) or to the paper handout found in the Rosedale Homeowner Welcome Package.

Using your computer or tablet, CLICK HERE to access the dwellingLIVE system or use this URL:


You may also load the dwellingLIVE application onto your smartphone device.

For the iPhone app: CLICK HERE

or use this URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dwellinglive/id785340080?mt=8

For the android app: CLICK HERE

or use this URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dwellinglive.guest&hl=en_US

These videos are available for further help:

“Manage Your Guest List” Video: CLICK HERE

“User Account Settings” Video: CLICK HERE

If you need additional help setting up dwellingLIVE on your electronic devices, CLICK HERE to contact the Access Committee . If you do not have access to a computer or other internet connected device, you may submit written information or call the SR 70 gatehouse at (941) 756-2777 after 6:00 p.m. to update your profile, authorize visitors, etc.

From your dwellingLIVE Home Page, you can Add Guest, Add Party List, Restrict Guest, and view your Guest History. The guest name should match that on the driver’s license; avoid use of nicknames. To Add Guest Information, select the Pass Type (Guest – 1 Day, Housekeeper, Long Term, Medical Help, Vendor), and select the Start and End Dates of the visit and Save. If you want to be contacted by the gate when a visitor arrives, type into Notes for Attendant. You may also Restrict Guest entry by completing this field. If a service provider visits on a regular basis, e. g. housekeeper, pool service, lawn care, etc., their name should be added to the resident’s Permanent Access list. Then you do not have to notify the gatehouse prior to a visit.


When you add vendors to your Guest List, enter the vendor company name only. By leaving the first and last name fields blank (rather than entering a specific name), anyone from that company will be granted access. The gatehouse always allows entry for “Pre-approved Service Providers,” e. g. Postal Service, Waste Management and any vendor with more than five customers.


If you try to set an expiration date greater than the system default, the system will refuse. In general, set the expiration dates at the system maximums.

When an authorization expires, the visitor name will remain in your list only for permanent visitors. You may edit it, delete it, or keep for future use.

If a visitor whose authorization has expired tries to enter using your name, or an unauthorized person tries to enter using your name or address, the gate attendant will contact you.

Some households may have more than one profile, for example, if there is more than one owner. In those cases, be sure to coordinate your guest lists to make them identical. Otherwise, entry will not be granted automatically.

Phone calls to the gate attendants to authorize visitors rather than using your electronic account are strongly discouraged due to heavy traffic at the gates and potential back-up of traffic. You may call either gatehouse AFTER 6:00 p.m. to register guests or vendors for future visits if necessary: SR 70 gatehouse (941) 756-2777 or 44th Ave gatehouse (941) 243-3894.

Long-term renters may be given access to the dwellingLIVE system. A renter pass can be issued at the gate for up to one year.

For any questions or concerns about the access system, CLICK HERE to contact the Access Committee.