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The OneSource Website, the repository of many business documents of the Rosedale Master HOA, is being replace by a new Website and software package called Vantaca

RPM is in the process of migrating our document from OneSource to Vantica.  They sent out the following announcement in mid-Jan:

Resource Property Management is excited to announce the launch of a new combined accounting and management software solution, VANTACA, beginning in January 2024.   This software system complements our business processes, allowing us to better manage your association and provide a higher level of service to Board Members and Owners.  

Vantaca is a state-of-the-art software solution that includes many of the capabilities our clients have long requested and wanted us to provide.   A few of the feature-rich functions of the software include:


✓ Single sign on access for both accounting and management information.
✓ Effective, streamlined communication tools through automated email, text, and app notifications.
✓ Top security of client data by using Microsoft Azure platform.  
✓ Secure Banking Interface, allowing direct, easy online payments.
✓ Online Board Member Portal:  full transparency of the association’s financial records.
✓ Online Owner Portals: easy access for payments, account info, documents, directories calendars.

We recognize that switching software is a major event that may create a disruption to current systems and processes.   We also know that this software is essential to improving every aspect of our business. The Vantaca and RPM teams are working in concert and are prepared to address challenges that may arise during this time.  We do expect a 90-day transition before our processes settle back to normal. As such, we ask for your patience during this period to allow us to focus on and prioritize the myriad of critical activities required to bring this project to fruition. We are confident that this software will dramatically improve the business activities of RPM and our clients.

Need to Know:

• Homeowners will receive a separate communication indicating your personal “portal key” including instructions on how to register within Vantaca by the end of January. (Please note that this timeline is expected, however if the need arises, it may be delayed for a short period of time.)


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