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Roads Committee Charter



The Roads Committee is charged with: maintaining Rosedale’s roads, all of which are private and in good condition; with maintaining, cleaning and pressure-washing the sidewalks and curbs throughout the community; with maintaining the street signs throughout the community, to insure that they are in good shape and are clearly legible; and with ensuring that all mailboxes are in good condition.



All the roads were resurfaced and repaired by late 2019. Ongoing work will consist of maintenance and minor repairs until the next major re-do of the roads in approximately 15 years. Road surfaces may be damaged by contractors who leave pallets of heavy pavers or roof tiles on the streets. There are fines for this damage, but the committee must identify such damage so that fines can be levied and repairs undertaken. And, water table fluctuations also may cause buckling or cracking of some road surfaces, which necessitates repair efforts. Sidewalks can heave, due to adjacent tree root growth, which requires action for the safety of pedestrians. Currently, a contract is out for repairing all sidewalks throughout Rosedale, which will be carried out after the rainy season. 


The responsibility for cleaning sidewalks and curbs was assigned to this committee in 2019. It will produce a more consistent look throughout Rosedale, as all the cleaning will be done at one time.



All committee members are appointed by the RMHA Board of Directors. Members will be recruited throughout the year by other committee members, Board members, and the committee chair.


Number of Committee Members

This committee will be organized around neighborhoods. Ideally, six or seven members each will be responsible for keeping an eye on their assigned roads, sidewalks, road signs, and mailboxes. When issues arise, the committee likely will confer and then propose remedial action (repair, fines, etc.).


Length of Service

Members of all committees are appointed for one-year terms but may serve longer.


Committee Chairs

The Board will appoint a chair as soon as practical after the organizational Board meeting that immediately follows the annual membership meeting. The chair then solicits members for the committee and presents them for Board approval at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Current members may be reappointed.

Current Co-Committee Chairs

Tom Tangney


Funding the Committees

Working with the Board Treasurer, each year each committee recommends a budget for its planned activities. In the event of an emergency requiring additional funds, the RMHA Board president or vice president can approve the necessary funds.


Absent an emergency, if any committee proposes any expenditures, that proposal will be provided in writing to the property management company representative at least five days prior to the date of any regular meeting of the RMHA Board so that the proposal may be included in the management report delivered to the Board before its meeting. No funds are expended without the approval of the RMHA Board.


Relationship to the Board

The Roads Committee, like all other committees, serves as an advisor to the Board; the committee chair reports to the Board member designated as its liaison. Committees make written recommendations to the Board, which may accept or reject them. The committee delivers a written report at regular Board meetings; the report is submitted to the Board for review at least five days before the appropriate Board meeting.


Nothing in the committee charters prevents the Board from exercising its statutory duty to maintain, repair or replace the common property of the Association as the Board deems necessary.


Relationship to Property Management Company

The RMHA Board Treasurer, serving as the Investment Management Committee chair, will work with both the property manager and property manager accountant on transfer of funds, preparation of budget and monthly financials. Each of the other committees will interact with the property management company through that committee’s Board liaison.


Committee Meeting Schedules

Because none of the committees has authority to spend money or undertake projects without Board approval, their meetings do not have to be posted. However, interested homeowners may contact the committee chair or the Board liaison to learn when its meetings will be held. Unless legal or personnel matters are to be discussed, homeowners may attend the meetings.



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