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Meet New Friends and Neighborhood
on a Neighborhood Stroll

Rosedale Activities Committee has come up with a wonderful idea for all Rosedale residents to get to meet the folks who have recently moved into our community and make them feel welcome. Each month the Committee will designate a different street in Rosedale for a “Neighborhood Stroll.” Residents from all over the community will gather to walk up and down the sidewalk or ride bikes or golf carts while the residents of that street sit in their driveway to meet and greet you.





The Rosedale Activities Committee is headed by Joyce Hazen ( and includes Committee Members from all Rosedale.  If you have any questions, you may contact, 206-683-0239.

11-14-21 -88th St Northbridge - Neighborhood group - Rosedale Stroll with Paula
11-14-21 Julie  Chris Christiansen -Victoria Court -Rosedale Stroll.jpg
11-14-21 -Linda Meliani on Victoria Court _ Rosedale Stroll w the Sue  Izzy Emmer.jpg
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